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Companies starting with K

Kambhu Clare

Part Time Lecturer,

Kaulins Michael

Lecturer of English,

Kavarnos Alethea

Donor Stewardship Associate, , Office BH-283

Kaye Stephen

Lecturer of Business,

Keane Edward

Professor Emeritus, Psychology and Human Services

Keaney Matthew

Instructor of History, , 203-332-5261, Office BH-252

Keenan Paul J.

Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Kennedy Annmarie

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Khon Karen

Guided Pathway Advisor 1’, , 203-332-8530, Office LH-L112D

Kim Changsub (Jaeoh)

Instructor of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, , 203-332-5063, Office LH-C179E

Kindilien Glenn

Professor Emeritus of English

Kintzler David

Professor Emeritus of Art

Kirven Stephane, J.D.

Instructor of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5997, Office BH 338

Kocay Michelle

Assistant Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8552, Office BH-215c

Kongsvold John

Professor Emeritus of Business

Kozek Maryssa

ESL - Part-Time Lecturer,

Kozek Teresa Garguilo

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5148, Office BH 215f

Kozlowski Mary

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Kozlowski Michael

Lecturer of Art,

Kressu-Owen Debra

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Kuchmas Deborah (Debbie) S.

Retention Associate, , 203-332-5279, Office BH-284

Kurzatkowski Kathy V.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Achieving the Dream
JED Campus