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Companies starting with G

Gabris Cynthia

Administrative Assistant, Continuing & Professional Education, , 203-332-8501, Office BH-116A

Gallagher Joan Nagy

Professor Emerita of Business and Computer Science

Galluzzi, Ph.D. Jennifer

Lecturer of Biology,

Gasparo, Jr. Paul

Instructor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8566, Office BH-215B

Gelinas Stephen

Maintainer, , 203-332-5027, Office BH-122

General Information

Office: Atrium, Phone: 203-332-5000

Gentile Amy

Lecturer of English,

George Thomas S. Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems

Gerber Joyce

Professor Emerita of Early Childhood Education

Gibson Jeanine

Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention, , 203-332-5263, Office LH-L112N

Gilbertie Henry E.

Lecturer of Business,

Gill Carlton

Guided Pathways Advisor I, , 203-332-8561, Office LH-L112

Gill Susann E.

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Gliniecki Anita T.

President Emerita

Gonzalez Milagros

Associate Registrar, , 203-332-5091, Office LH-L113C

Gonzalez Robert

Police Officer, , 203-332-5022, Office BH-110

Gordonos Alessandra

Lecturer of Biology,

Gore Mark

Librarian, , 203-332-5069, Office LH-B144C

Grabarz Theodore

Lecturer of Biology,

Graham Earl

Director of Admissions, , 203-332-5290, Office LH-L111h

Greenberg Lisa

Lecturer of Art,

Greene Susan

Webmaster Emerita

Griffin Jessican

Financial Aid Specialist, , 203-332-5121, Office LH-A111

Grossane Mark

Part-time Reference Librarian, , Office LH-B144

Guirand-Fleurimond Felisha

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C179J

Gutowski Phyllis

Professor Emerita of Biology

Guzman Joany

Lecturer of Spanish,

Gyamfi Richmond

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Gyimah Isaac

Fitness Coordinator, , Office BH-117

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