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Building Your Schedule

  • Level - select CREDIT
  • Scroll down to bottom of page - click on “Get Courses.”
    The schedule for the selected semester (term) will appear in alphabetical order.
  • Step 3: Look for the classes you want to take which are listed by subject (ART,ENG,MAT, etc.). Find the specific course (days/times) for which you would like to register. Step 4: Copy the information from the live schedule into the corresponding boxes on the Printable Registration Forms
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each course for which you are registering.

    Things to remember when creating a semester schedule:

    • Record the correct Course Reference Number (CRN).
    • No time conflicts (You can’t be in two places at once).
    • Verify the location of each course, which building, which campus.
    • Remember: Not all courses are offered every semester.  Consult faculty advisor for specifics. Click for a list of advisors by major...
    NOTE: If you are a NEW or TRANSFER student, who has never applied to College, you must complete an Admission’s Application before registering. Readmit students who have not attended the College in 2 years must complete a Readmit Application. Please contact the Admission’s Office for more information.

    To help you build your schedule you may print this worksheet. It will help you manage your time and it corresponds to the way courses are listed online.

    Helpful Information

    It is important to note that classes are scheduled in both HCC buildings.

    The “Bldg” column in the schedule contains the building in which a class will be held:

    LFYT  Lafayette Hall (Bridgeport)
    BEAC  Beacon Hall (Bridgeport)
    JLHS Jonathan Law High School (Milford)

    Please Note: The days classes are scheduled are indicated by the same notations found on mycommnet.


    Instructional Method Legend:

    CLIN = Clinical
    COOP= Cooperative Learning
    HYBR = Online and Classroom
    INDE = Independent Study
    INTN = Internship
    OLCR = Online with Campus Requirement (Tests taken on site)
    ONLN = Fully Online
    TRAD = Classroom