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Companies starting with H

Hadley Janis M. Ed.D.

President Emerita

Han Qiming

Systems Librarian, , 203-332-5073, Office LH-B144K

Hanicapie Arielle

Educational Assistant, Science Laboratories, , Office LH-C287

Hanson Timothy

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Hart Stephanie A.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5142, Office BH-228B

Harvey Bruce

Director Emeritus of Library Services

Hayes Graham

Professor Emeritus of English

Hayes Janet V.

Professor of Graphic Design, , 203-332-5132, Office LH-L412

Haynes Vanessa

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-L111

Heagle Karen

Health Records (Immunizations)

Office: LH- L112, Phone: 203-332-5100, Email:

Hein Nathan

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Hendrickson Van M.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Heng Kentha

Educational Partnership Associate, , 203-332-5221, Office BH-277

Hill Maurice

Lecturer of Human Services,

Hinojosa Angelina

Campus Director of Library, , 203-332-5179, Office LH-B144K

Hodgson Fiona K.

, 203-332-5078, Office BH 286

Hoffman James

Building Maintenance Supervisor, , Office LH-A210A

Hogg Victor

Lecturer of Art,

Honors Program

Office: BH-229, Phone: 203-332-5137, Email:

Hope Kelly Koren

Lecturer of English,

Horizons Newspaper

Office: BH- 233, Phone: 203-332-5099, Email:

Housatonic Community College Foundation

Office: BH-279, Phone: 203-332-5078, Email:

Housatonic Museum of Art

Office: LH-B142, Phone: 203-332-5052, Email:

Hubbard Richard

Webmaster, , 203-332-5966, Office LH-A214

Hudak Lori M.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Hughes Kirk T.

Professor of English, Coordinator of the Honors Program, , 203-332-5137, Office BH-229

Human Resources

Office: LH- A218, Phone: 203-332-5977, Email:

Hunter Lovell

NCL, , Office BH-116

Hunter Patrick

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Hurley Suzanne

PT Reference Librarian,

Hynds Samuel

Coordinator of Administrative Information Technology, , 203-332-5111, Office LH-A133E

Achieving the Dream
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