Part-time Staff

Part-time Staff

Bailey Durado

HR/Payroll Admin. Operations Asst., , Office LH-A218B

Beltz Adelicia


Biga Stanley

Manufacturing Lab Assistant, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C179

Costantini Camilla

Assistant, , Office LH-A210A

Crawford Alex

Non-Credit Lecturer,

DellaVentura Nemesis

HR/Payroll Admin. Operations Asst., , 203-332-8539, Office LH-A218A

Fitzpatrick Phyllis

Research Specialist, , 203-332-5171, Office LH A211K

Grossane Mark

Part-time Reference Librarian, , Office LH-B144

Hanicapie Arielle

Educational Assistant, Science Laboratories, , Office LH-C287

Hodgson Fiona K.

, 203-332-5078, Office BH 286

Hurley Suzanne

PT Reference Librarian,

Legum Kenneth


Lim Suzanna

Acting Child Development Assistant Teacher,

Lugo Miguel

Recruitment -Talent Acquisition Specialist, , 203-332-5232, Office LH-A218B

Lynch Lisa

Educational Assistant,

Marrone Joseph

Admissions Recruitment and Advising Assistant,

Martinez Ayaceli

Education Assistant

Matureo Jaqueline

Education Assistant

McCrystal Brianne

Non-Credit Lecturer,

Moore Elene

Manufacturing Staff, , 203-332-5160, Office LH-C179i

Nadan Debra

Testing Assistant, , 203-332-5244, Office LH-L103A

Norton Lindsey

Counselor, , 203-332-5181

Obeid Aliss

Tutoring Coordinator, , 203-332-5992, Office LH-B158

Prosper Jim

Allied Health Coordinator, , Office BH-116C

Reales Emilo


Schirano Matthew

Stanko Mark

Non-Credit Lecturer,

Zamparo Janet

Part-time Contractor, , 203-332-5076

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