Humanities Faculty


Adams Rebecca

Professor of English, , 203-332-8578, Office BH 228C

Carley Kristen

Professor of English, , 203-332-8502, Office BH 234 | BH-228D

DeLuise Alexandra

Instructor of English, , 203-332-5269, Office BH-234

Favret John

Professor of Graphic Design, Coordinator of the Art Program, , 203-332-5116, Office L-406

Friedman Amanda

Lecturer of Art, , 203-332-5980

Hart Stephanie A.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5142, Office BH-228B

Hayes Janet V.

Professor of Graphic Design, , 203-332-5132, Office LH-L412

Hughes Kirk T.

Professor of English, Coordinator of the Honors Program, , 203-332-5137, Office BH-229

Lamoureux Mark

Assistant Professor of English, , 203-332-5135, Office BH 228b

Mark Steven - Chairperson of the Humanities Department

Professor of English, , 203-332-5065, Office BH-230

Mellouk Driss

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, , 203-332-5974, Office BH 228A

Ortiz Jamilet

Professor of Spanish, Coordinator of World Languages Placement Exams, , 203-332-5141, Office BH 228A

Pinto Andrew

Professor of Art, , 203-332-5173, Office LH-L408

Reynolds-Kaye Jennifer

Lecturer of Art,

Santa Maria Kristin

Instructor of English, , 203-332-5241, Office BH-229

Sheehan Geoffrey

Professor of Theater Arts, , 203-332-5270, Office LH-A125A

Smith Karyn L.

Professor of English, Coordinator of the Writing Center, , 203-332-5133, Office BH-228C

Wyckoff Robert

Associate Professor of English, , 203-332-8557, Office BH-228D

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