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Companies starting with T

Taddei Noelle

Lecturer of Accounting,

Tapper F. Michael

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Tapper F. Michael

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5235, Office BH-114A

Tarraza Yaneshka

Admissions Transfer Credit Evaluation Coordinator, , Office LH L111f

Taylor Judith

Buildings & Grounds Patrol Officer, , 203-332-5186, Office BH-110

Tecci April

Guided Pathways Advisor I, , 203-332-8548, Office LH-112

Tecun Marianne

Director Emeritus of Academic Support Center

Tecun Marianne

Lecturer of English,

Testa-Buzzee Kristina

Workforce Development Officer, , Office BH-286

Testing Center

Office: LH- L103, Phone: 203-332-5217, Email:

Thomas Anisha

Director of Career Services and Internships, , 203-332-5983, Office LH-B145

Thompson Carolyn

Lecturer of Geography,

Thompson Francis

Lecturer of English,

Tibor John

Professor Emeritus of Business

Toedt Kathleen Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology and Biology, , 203-332-5110, Office LH-B269

Tolbert Claudine

Guided Pathways Advisor II, , 203-332-5102, Office LH-L112

Tomey, M.A.T. Shelley S.

Professor of Early Childhood Education, Coordinator of the Early Childhood Inclusive Education Program, Student Teaching Supervisor, Coordinator of Early Childhood Inclusive Education, , 203-332-5162, Office BH-246

Tong Vincent

Director of Institutional Research, , Office LH B266

Torres Dimpna

Counselor Emerita

Toscano Diane

Lecturer of First Year Studies,


Office: LH- L111E, Phone: 203-332-5088, Email:

Trelease Frances

Lecturer of English,

Tubis Zhanna

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Tully Hyoja

Instructional Support Specialist (Math), , 203-332-8579, Office LH-L146

Tunstall Kathleen

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Turiano, M.S. Laura

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5978, Office BH-261

Tutoring/Academic Support Center

Office: LH-B152, Phone: 203-332-5019, Email:

Tuttle David

Lecturer of Manufacturing,

Tyler, Jr. Ralph T.

Dean of Administration Emerita

Achieving the Dream
JED Campus