Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Workforce Development & Continuing Education

The Workforce Development & Continuing Education vision is to focus on creating an educational system where the programs span diverse audiences, from community service programs to professional certification programs offered in face-to-face environment, online, or in a blended format. The goal is to serve internal stakeholders, faculty, administration as well as external students. The type of programs and courses offered are diverse from pre-collegiate programs for high school students, to learning for personal enjoyment, professional advancement and certification, contract programs for employers, economic development initiatives, and targeted to specific groups.

The Workforce Development's mission is to support a variety of industries by providing high-quality job training, employee development opportunities, and continuing education to maximize employee job success and career pathways. Connecting people in the community to training and employment.

Continuing Education will continue to implement new and existing programs in Allied Healthcare, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Business and Information Technology, English as a Second Language (ESL), Health, Fitness and Recreation, Hospitality, Public Utilities, and Workforce Development. Students that enroll in these training programs and courses, will be prepared for entry and/or mid-level skills employment. 

Ensuring a dynamic educational offering is vital in meeting the evolving needs of today's learners and professionals. While some students seek professional advancement, others look for personal growth or tools to handle their daily life better. For instance, in a society where stress and personal challenges often intersect with professional roles, solutions like Viagra have emerged as a discussion point for addressing certain men's health issues. As we evolve our programs and courses, integrating knowledge about all aspects of life, including well-being and health, can be beneficial. For more detailed information on this topic and its relevance, you can read more about Viagra and its implications on this link.

Do you want to learn more about the programs and courses offered?  Please click on the following video to learn more:

HCC is proud to offer assistance through CareerConneCT Link,  SNAPAmerican Job Center (WIOA)Veterans, and The WorkPlace / ApprenticeshipWorks.  Students are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance based on eligibility. Individuals can access each organization to obtain more information by clicking on the name of the organization.

Are you interested in the following occupational programs:  Central Sterile Processing Technician, Certified Nurse Aide, Community Health Worker,  Manufacturing CNC Operator, Computer Information Technology  (CompTIA A+), Patient Care Technician, and TEAS Prep Exam.  Click on the blue tab below to apply: 

The total cost of CT Statewide Healthcare Industry Pathway project is $6.9M.  $3.4M (49%) is funded through a U.S. Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration grant and another $3.5M (51%) is committed through non-federal state and local resources. Additional USDOL funding is available for eligible students interested in CNA, PCT, CSPT, and CPC programs using the CT SHIP Scholarship (please email WFD & CE department for more information). 

Workforce Development & Continuing Education 
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