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Honors Program

The Honors Program is an academic enhancement to any two-year degree at CT State. This means that in addition to completing the first two years of college, Honors students supplement their academics by taking Honors courses, participating in special programs and field trips, completing a Capstone Project, receiving close faculty mentoring regarding transfer and career plans, and more. All of these experiences give Honors graduates a competitive edge for seamless transfer, while providing students with a close community of peers, instructors, and advisors. And in fact, Honors Program students have higher graduation rates than non-Honors Program students, and many Honors students earned admission to competitive four-year institutions, such as Yale University, Wesleyan University, Boston University, Muhlenberg College, with significant scholarships. For some, that involved full scholarships to finish their college career. Thus, CT State Honors Programs help its students succeed not only during the two-year course of study, but also long after graduation. Students with g.p.a's of 3.25 and higher may apply.

You can learn more about each campus’s Honors Program here:

Contact Housatonic Honors Coordinator: Professor Kirk T. Hughes for information about Honors at Housatonic .