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Student Conduct and Civility

Student Conduct and Civility

All students, faculty and staff have the right to a safe, peaceful, and honest educational environment. When a student’s conduct disrupts or threatens to disrupt the college community, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken to restore and protect the safety, peace, and integrity of the community. The Dean of Students Office address all matters of student conduct. A full description of the College disciplinary and due process procedures can be found in the Student Handbook."


The Student Conduct Policy is intended to foster the development of important values, including accountability, responsibility, fairness, respect for self and others, appreciation of personal freedoms, and a recognition of the importance of physical safety in the College community. In general, the student conduct program hopes to create an educational response to violations of policy, and provide students with the support to avoid similar situations in the future.

Our goal in the Student Conduct Program is that the students, through their experience in our process, will grow in the following areas:

  • Intellectual Growth - The student will gain a better understanding of the consequences and potential consequences of his/her personal actions, and will learn the purposes of institutional policies. He/She will employ critical thinking in problem solving and ultimately obtain a degree or certificate.
  • Clarification of Values - The student will learn the effect of their behavior on others. The student will demonstrate ethical development, will comply with institutional policy, and commit no further violations of policy. The student will gain understanding of the institutional values reflected in institutional policies, and will gain a better understanding of the importance of personal integrity. Through our process, the student will be asked to scrutinize his/her beliefs, ethics, and values, and will be able to articulate his/her personal ethics and values, act in congruence with those ethics and values, and make decisions that reflect his/her beliefs.
  • Social Responsibility - The student will contribute positively to the college community and beyond. The student will understand and participate in relevant governance systems and understand, abide by, and participate in the development, maintenance, and orderly change of community, social, and legal standards or norms.


The values of the Dean of Students Office provide a framework for programs and practices that mirror institutional values. As such, the values of the Student Conduct Program are:

  • Civic responsibility and student involvement
  • Education and development of all students
  • Respect, dignity, and equity
  • A socially just community
  • Responsibility, accountability, and critical thinking
  • Fairness, honesty, and integrity