Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center

The mission of the Academic Support Center (ASC) is to provide a full service tutoring experience that cultivates student success. By fostering a supportive environment, the ASC strives to inspire students at every level of preparedness to advance, to excel, and to reach their fullest potential.


The ASC is comprised of a collaborative group of dedicated educators who strive to enhance the learning experience, and academic and professional achievement of HCC students through comprehensive services, which include: 


Schedule An Appointment

In fall 2020, academic support services are available both in person and online. Tutoring services are now available in four options, Live Online Tutoring, In-person Tutoring (On Campus), Email Tutoring, and E-tutoring.

  • Click here: and follow the steps below:
    1. Go to and log in using your BannerID and password (Tutoring2020).
    2. Make an appointment with a tutor.
      • Click New appointment
      • Choose your center (ASC or CAP) and choose your service (Writing Center - Email Tutoring, Writing Center - Online Live Tutoring, STEM - On-Campus Tutoring, STEM - Online Live Tutoring)
      • Choose your course
      • Choose an appointment time
    3. Once your appointment is made, if it is live online, you need to plan to be online at your computer or phone for that time. A tutor will email before your appointment with instructions.
    4. When it is time for your appointment, a tutor will contact you at your Housatonic Student Email address. For online tutoring you MUST use your Housatonic Student email address (for example ).
    5. For all questions about tutoring, please email Jiyan Bedawi

Accessing Accudemia for Appointments

Online Tutoring: Anywhere, Anytime... Learn More!
Housatonic Community College, in collaboration with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), has partnered with

  • Writing - All Subjects including Graduate-level Writing
  • Math (from the developmental level through Pre-Calculus)
  • Calculus I and I
  • I
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology

To create a student account and for further information go to

To ask questions or request additional information contact Marianne Tecun at .


Academic Support Center Staff

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi Instructional Support Specialist (CAP English) 203-332-8503
Jiyan Bedawi Clerk Typist 203-332-5019
Aliss Obeid Tutoring Coordinator 203-332-5992
Andrew Pelletier Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator 203-332-8516
Kevin Redmond Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) 203-332-8527
Karyn Smith Coordinator of the Writing Center 203-332-5133
Marianne Tecun Director of Academic Support Center 203-332-5139
Hyoja Tully Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) 203-332-8579


The Academic Support Newsletter

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Academic Support Center
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