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HCC Foundation Scholarships

The Housatonic Foundation Inc. is committed to the education of all students attending CT State at Housatonic. These need-based scholarships are for Housatonic classes only and are awarded on a rolling basis throughout each semester (budget permitting). Housatonic students who are paying out of pocket, receiving loans to attend college, or receive less than 100% financial aid may apply.

IMPORTANT: Read everything below and read ALL the instructions written throughout the online application. 

Fall & Spring Housatonic Scholarships may cover UP TO 12 credits at Housatonic for Housatonic classes ONLY.

Winter & Summer Housatonic Scholarships will cover 1 Housatonic class for Housatonic classes ONLY.

What does the scholarship cover? If awarded, our need-based scholarships cover CT State at Housatonic Tuition fees, Housatonic College Services fees, Housatonic Student Activities fees (At the Instate Rate)* The award is applied by the bursars office after all other financial aid. Scholarships vary from student to student. *Awards are not transferable to other colleges, semesters, or people. Please see the application for further expenditures that are not covered.


  • A CTState college email required Sample: (Contact Admissions for an email)
  • A CTState Student ID is required to apply Sample: @012345678(Contact Admissions for an ID)
  • Students are required to upload a PDFtheir latest transcripts from Degree Works.
  • Students are required to upload a PDFtheir latest college bill from student accounts.
  • Scholarship awards are based on the HCC Foundation’s non-profit budget each semester.
  • A desktop or laptop computer is required to apply. Do not use a smart phone to apply.
  • Citizens are required to apply for financial aid each year. (Contact Aid for assistance)


  • Students are required to show that they need help paying for classes at CT State Housatonic.
  • Students are required to be taking credit, non-credit, or certificate classes at CT State Housatonic.
  • Students should have CT State Housatonic as their home campus and taking classes here.
  • Students are required to have a minimum overall accumulative GPA of 2.3
  • Students are required to apply online and upload the PDFs in the through the application.
  • Students with 75 credits and/or a college degree may not qualify (make your case in the essay)
Apply For Fall Scholarships

More Scholarships For HCC Students

U.S.-Israel Relations Scholarship

Academic programs that underscore the value of fostering efficient and successful diplomatic relations offer many benefits. Bridging the gap between different countries and cultures is necessary in order to promote peace and unity. These programs are essential because they provide people of different backgrounds the opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful ways. By highlighting common goals and values, we can encourage mutual understanding and acceptance of people from differing backgrounds.

Scholarship information is available at: here

Robert Wilkos Aviation Scholarship

Offered by Robert Wilkos (VIP JETS)
Award Amount: 1,000 USD
Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

Scholarship information is available at:

PWC – CT Chapter Scholarships

On behalf of the PWC – CT Chapter, I am pleased to announce a scholarship to be awarded to any student (male or female) enrolled in a study leading to an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in Construction, Construction Management, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Construction Trades or Civil, Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical Engineering.

The scholarship application link is Professional Women in Construction CT Chapter - PWC 2024 Scholarship Application (  The application will be available online starting Jan2, 2024.

This form must be completed and submitted along with an emailed copy of the applicant’s school transcript and letters of recommendation no later than Friday, March 15, 2024, at 3:00 PM, EST to the email address below:

Roxanne Perugino – 

The award results will be announced in late April 2024 and a presentation with dinner will take place in May/June 2024.

Your participation in the program, by making students aware of the opportunity offered by PWC – CT Chapter, is appreciated. Please encourage eligible students to submit their application. If you have any questions, you can reach me weekdays at 860.748.5198.

The Scholarship Opportunity

TheDream.US National Scholarship is for highly motivated undocumented students who want nothing more than to get a college education but are unable to afford the cost. You may be eligible for our National Scholarship if you: Are undocumented with or without DACA or TPS and . . . ✓ You are or about to be a high school graduate; OR ✓ You have or are about to earn a GED; OR ✓ You are or have been enrolled in a community college or university . . .

Apply For Scholarship

Jinhee Wilde Law Legacy Scholarship

- Monetary Award: $1,000
- Submission Deadline: April 15th 2024
- Format: Essay Competition
- Criteria for Eligibility:
  – Attend an accredited US college or university for an undergraduate degree.
  – Maintain a satisfactory academic record with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  – Show devotion to education and professional aspirations through courses and extracurriculars.

Apply For Scholarship

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)


  • Get a full tuition scholarship to the participating Navy ROTC school of your choice. 
  • Go on three summer training cruises with Navy surface ships, aviation squadrons and submarines. 
  • Use your scholarship money to pay for tuition and fees or room and board. 
  • Receive a $250 monthly stipend that increases as you move through your collegiate years. 
  • Choose from a wide range of career options, like nursing, aviation, surface warfare, submarine warfare and special warfare. 
  • Enjoy a traditional college experience while preparing to serve as a Naval Officer. 
  • Travel the world with purpose once you graduate while you lead a team as an Officer. 

What Are The NROTC Scholarship Details? 

All Navy ROTC colleges provide the following benefits. Many schools provide even more: 

  • Receive full tuition at a participating NROTC college or university. 
  • Have all mandatory undergraduate fees covered. 
  • Get a stipend for textbooks and uniforms. Currently $750 per academic year ($375 per semester or $250 per quarter). 
  • Receive allowances each academic month: Freshmen - $250/month, Sophomore - $300/month, Junior - $350/month, Senior - $400/month. 
  • Go on three summer training cruises. Get paired with Naval Officers in the fleet and spend part of your summer gaining on-the-job experience in various areas—including aboard a nuclear submarine, with aircraft carriers and aviation squadrons or on warships operating at sea. Also get exposure to the Marine Corps. 

A number of different scholarships are available through the Navy ROTC program, including:

(Click on any specific scholarship below for more details):

How Competitive Is The Program? What Are The Requirements? 

The Navy ROTC scholarship is highly competitive. You must meet a number of requirements, including: 

  • Must be a U.S. citizen 
  • Must be a high school graduate 
  • Meet the required SAT and/or ACT scores. The minimum SAT scores are 550 Critical Reading, 540 Math (1100 combined), and the minimum ACT scores are 21 Math, 22 English (44 combined).* 
  • Be between 17-23 years of age by Sept. 1 of the year starting college 
  • Have no criminal record 
  • Be physically/medically qualified by Navy standards 
  • Be admitted to an approved NROTC college or university 

Check out the NROTC’s site for a full list of requirements for program entrance, SAT/ACT eligibility, specifics on academic/physical/medical, military commitment and more.

What Colleges And Universities Have NROTC Programs? 

The Navy ROTC program provides scholarships to more than 170 top colleges and universities all around the country—many of which offer eligible nursing programs as well. Chances are, at least one of them is on your short list. 

Search an alphabetized list on the NROTC’s site

How Does NROTC Work? What Does The Program Entail?

As the largest single source of Navy and Marine Corps Officers, the Navy ROTC scholarship program is designed to develop you into a strong leader, capable of success in multiple management positions. 

When entering the Navy ROTC program, you can choose from one of three career tracks: 

Navy Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning as a US Navy Ensign in one of Navy’s warfare communities, i.e. surface, submarine, aviation, special warfare and more. 

Nurse Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning in the US Navy as an Ensign in the Navy Nursing Corps, part of the Department of the Navy Bureau of Medicine. 

Explore a Career as a Navy Nurse | 

Marine Corps Option: Leads to post-graduate commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. 

After Graduation

Once you graduate, forget about looking for a job. You’ll be all set for a ready-made position of leadership and responsibility. You’ll also receive great benefits as an Officer: 

  • Full-time employment 
  • Competitive entry-level salary 
  • Immediate high-level leadership and managerial opportunities 
  • Guaranteed pay increases 
  • Unlimited travel opportunities 
  • Medical, dental and life insurance benefits 
  • 30 days paid vacation 

Learn more about pay and benefits in the Navy


You may start the application process during the second semester of your junior year of high school. Apply and learn more about the Navy ROTC program on their website. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chance of attending the school of your choice.

Interested in other ways to serve in the Navy? Learn more about other education opportunitiescareer options and other ways to become a Commissioned Officer

Completing the application does not obligate you in any way. You may dis-enroll from the NROTC program at any time during the Freshman year without incurring any service obligation or financial penalty.

This is only the beginning of the unique benefits and opportunities available to those who choose to pursue the NROTC Program.

To learn more, please contact the NTAG New England NROTC Program Coordinator, Petty Officer Marlow at: (475) 235-7289 or by email at:  

*To begin the application process, go to

National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program National Federation of the Blind;

The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut (NFB of CT) is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all blind persons. In the furtherance of this goal, we have established our scholarship program. Recipients of NFB of CT scholarships need not be members of the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut. NFB of CT scholarships are judged on the basis of academic quality and service to the community.

Howard E. May Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $5000, is given in memory of Howard E. May, the founding president of the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut.

Woodward Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $5000, is given in loving memory of Bruce and Betty Woodward for the many ways that they helped improve the lives of blind people in Connecticut.

C. Rodney Demarest Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $3000, is given in loving memory by his family and friends. Blind since 18, he ran his own business for many years, read NFB-Newsline® faithfully, was always well-informed and was admired by his many friends.

Zukowski Family Foundation Scholarship, in the amount of $2500. The Zukowski Family Foundation is honored to provide a scholarship for a Connecticut blind student.

Doris Higley Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $2000, is given in loving memory of a friend of Mrs. Higley.


All applicants must be (a) legally blind, and (b) a Connecticut resident or attending school in Connecticut.

Deadline – Notification
Completed applications must be submitted by September 1, 2023. The scholarship

committee will review all applications and notify finalists during the second week of September. The scholarships will be presented at the banquet of the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut State Convention. ANY FINALISTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND OUR STATE CONVENTION AT THE HOLIDAY INN IN NEW LONDON ON NOVEMBER 3-5, 2023 INCLUDING ANY CT ASSOCIATION OF BLIND STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES.

<pMore Info: Download Application

P.E.O. - Women helping women reach for the stars
Scholarships Available!

P.E.O. Projects and Philanthropies

The P.E.O. Sisterhood maintains six educational projects in the form of grants, scholarships and loans as well as the stewardship of Cottey College.

<pMore Info: Learn More Here

CHESLA Undergraduate Scholarship is NOW CLOSED for applications!

We will make further announcements on when the next scholarship application starts, so please check back.

Students can apply through our website at

CONNTAC, Inc. Scholarship Application

CONNTAC, Inc. offers a scholarship to students every year. If students are eligible, please refer them to the Educational Counselor nearest you to assist with the application process. Please keep in mind, individuals must be a documented CONNTAC client for their application to be considered by the Board of Directors.

You may refer to the following link for a CONNTAC office near you:

The CONNTAC, Inc. Scholarship Application is also available on our website: