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Adams Rebecca

Professor of English, , 203-332-8578, Office BH 228C

Albaz Asher

Professor of Accounting, , 203-332-5166, Office BH-351

Alfano Donald

Lecturer of Music,

Allen Carolyn

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Almeida Sara

Lecturer of Biology,

Amico Michael Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5163, Office BH-262

Amodio Barbara A.

Lecturer of Philosophy,

Anderson Lizbeth

Lecturer of Art,

Andreu Juan

Lecturer of Art,

Bailey William

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Becker Edward - Chairperson of the Business Department

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5138, Office BH-345

Bowe Peter Stephen

Lecturer of Biology,

Boyd Colleen

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Brennan Christopher

Lecturer of Business,

Caciopoli Robert A.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Cahill-Lamboley Maureen

Associate Professor of English as a Second Language, English, Coordinator of the ESL Program, , 203-332-5152, Office BH-215D

Cain Rachel S.

Associate Professor of Biology, , 203-332-5984, Office LH-C295

Capezzuto Matthew

Lecturer of Art,

Carley Kristen

Professor of English, , 203-332-8502, Office BH 234 | BH-228D

Carmichael Sandra

Lecturer of Business,

Chu Paul J.

Lecturer of Philosophy,

Churchill Sarah

Lecturer of Art,

Ciccone Nicholas G.

Lecturer of Chemistry,

Cicero Ceylon M.

Lecturer of Biology,

Coba-Loh, M.S. Claudine J.

Professor of Human Services and Psychology, Coordinator of Human Services, , 203-332-5167, Office BH-242

Colangelo Richard

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Colón, M.S. Saulo M.

Associate Professor of Sociology, , 203-332-5113, Office BH-253

Conway Andrea

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Conway Janice

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, , 203-332-5109, Office LH-B269

Corr Daniel

Lecturer of Music,

Costello Kieran J.

Lecturer of Business,

Dawson Asantewa

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5095, Office BH-215H

DeLuise Alexandra

Instructor of English, , 203-332-5269, Office BH-234

DeMassa, Ph.D. John

Lecturer of Chemistry,

Denbaum Drew Steven

Lecturer of English,

DePalo Thomas

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Doane Elizabeth L.

Professor Emerita of Mathematics,

Dunne Matthew W. Ph.D.

Professor of History, , 203-332-5043, Office BH-253

Empric Scott

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5147, Office BH-215g

Falbowski Shawn

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Favret John

Professor of Graphic Design, Coordinator of the Art Program, , 203-332-5116, Office L-406

Forte Larry

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Friedman Amanda

Lecturer of Art, , 203-332-5980

Galluzzi, Ph.D. Jennifer

Lecturer of Biology,

Gasparo, Jr. Paul

Instructor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8566, Office BH-215B

Gilbertie Henry E.

Lecturer of Business,

Grabarz Theodore

Lecturer of Biology,

Greenberg Lisa

Lecturer of Art,

Hart Stephanie A.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5142, Office BH-228B

Hayes Janet V.

Professor of Graphic Design, , 203-332-5132, Office LH-L412

Hendrickson Van M.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Hogg Victor

Lecturer of Art,

Hudak Lori M.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Hughes Kirk T.

Professor of English, Coordinator of the Honors Program, , 203-332-5137, Office BH-229

Ifrach Shari

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Isaacs Karen K.

Lecturer of Communications and English
Director Emerita of Marketing and Public Information,

Jeremy, M.S. Ed. Kellyn

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, , 203-332-5172 , Office BH-251

Kaye Stephen

Lecturer of Business,

Kennedy Annmarie

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Kim Changsub (Jaeoh)

Instructor of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, , 203-332-5063, Office LH-C179E

Kirven Stephane, J.D.

Instructor of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5997, Office BH 338

Kocay Michelle

Assistant Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8552, Office BH-215c

Kozlowski Mary

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Kressu-Owen Debra

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Kurzatkowski Kathy V.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

La Barbera Michael - Chairperson of the Math & Science Department

Associate Professor of Mathematics, , 203-332-5131, Office LH-B261

LaConte Karen Marie

Lecturer of Anatomy & Physiology,

Lallay Sue-Ann

Instructor of Psychology, , Office BH-256

Lamoureux Mark

Assistant Professor of English, , 203-332-5135, Office BH 228b

Leach Mark

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5230, Office BH-215B

Litwinowicz Stella

Professor of Engineering and Mathematics, , 203-332-8588, Office LH-B263

Lloyd Joan

Professor of Chemistry, , 203-332-5211, Office LH-C281

Lopez Ernest

Lecturer of Art,

Mandel Michael R.

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5119, Office BH-348

Manelli Gani

Lecturer of History,

Mannion Samantha, J.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice, Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program, , 203-332-5168, Office BH-244

Marchetti Aimee

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Mark Steven - Chairperson of the Humanities Department

Professor of English, , 203-332-5065, Office BH-230

Martin Nancy

Lecturer of English,

Martinez, Jr. Hector

Lecturer of Music,

Mascola Donald

Lecturer of Biology,

Maynard Garrett

Lecturer of Art,

McDonald Joan

Assistant Professor of Surgical Technology, , 203-332-8593, Office LH-B248

Mellouk Driss

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, , 203-332-5974, Office BH 228A

Meyerson William

Lecturer of History,

Meyrick Charles

Assistant Professor of Business and Economics, , 203-332-5221, Office BH-350

Micinilio Kathleen

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5291, Office BH-215f

Milano Josephine

Lecturer of Italian,

Morales Letizia - Chairperson of the Nursing and Health Care Career Pathways Program

Assistant Professor of Medical Assisting, Program Coordinator of the Medical Assisting Program, , 203-332-8515, Office LH-C288

Moran Gus

Lecturer of Painting and Art,

Munk Emily K.

Instructor of Biology - Lecturer of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5158, Office LH-C298

Nakouzi, Ph.D. Elie

Lecturer of Biology,

Nanni Heather

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Nashel Tracey

Lecturer of English,

Nohai-Seaman Jennifer

Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8554, Office BH-215g

O'Connor Marietta

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

O'Keefe Erin

Lecturer of Accounting,

Ortiz Jamilet

Professor of Spanish, Coordinator of World Languages Placement Exams, , 203-332-5141, Office BH 228A

Pasierb Bernard

Instructor of Business Administration, , 203-332-5118, Office BH-340

Peck Christine

Lecturer of Psychology,

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