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The Math & Science Department

The Mathematics and Science department is focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) offering career-oriented programs such as Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Technology, but also academic programs that seamlessly transfer to our four-year institutions. If we can help you register for our courses to meet your career or academic goals, please contact an advisor in our department team for assistance:

Karen Khon

  • Aviation Maintenance 
  • CSCU Transfer: Biology Studies 
  • CSCU Transfer: Comp Sci Studies 
  • Engineering Science 
  • Health Career Pathways  
  • Industrial Design 
  • LAS: Pre-Engineering Sci 
  • LAS: Pre-Nutrition 
  • Medical Assisting 
  • Surgical Technology 

Vernice Still

  • Computer Info: Networking Tech,  Software Development, Web Development 
  • Computer Information Systems 
  • Computer Info: Software Test & QA 
  • CSCU Transfer: Math, Biochem, Physics, Chemistry Studies 
  • Electrical-CT 
  • LAS: Math/Science 
  • Tech Studies: Eng Technology Opt, Tech & Eng Ed Opt, Industrial Tech Opt, Electrical

Meet our dedicated career area faculty teams in Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, and Advanced Manufacturing

Surgical Technology

Program Coordinator

 Medical Assisting  

Letizia Morales 
Chair of Nursing and Health Career Pathways

Advanced Manufacturing 

Adam Scobie
Director of the AMTC

Kyle Pepin
Chair of Engineering and Technology

Meet our dedicated academic area faculty teams in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Engineering and Math! 


Rachel Cain
Janice Conway
Emily Munk
Larisa Rowe
Janet Yarrow Kyle Zander


Joan Lloyd
Elizabeth Steeves 


Marina Philips
David Platt
Michael La Barbera
Asantewa Dawson
Mark Leach
Janice Schaeffler
Eddie Rose
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman

Physics and Engineering

Stella Litwinowitz
Program Coordinator