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Policies and Responsibilities

Registration Policies

Students have several registration options if they choose to register early for the upcoming semester. Early registration will permit students to have first choice of courses and class times. Payment of the appropriate College fees will hold these classes until full payment is made no later than three weeks before the start of classes. Fees are not refundable. Delaying registration until the beginning of the semester may result in desired classes and times being unavailable.

Students are strongly encouraged to be advised by an academic advisor or counselor. In addition, students must be in full compliance with all other college policies and requirements.

Registration is not complete until all forms are completed and submitted and tuition and fees are paid in full. Students who do not pay or make financial arrangements with the Business Office will have their registrations cancelled.

Full-time/Part-time Student Status

Students registering for 12 Credits or more at HCC are classified as Full-Time Student Status. Students registering between 6 and 11 Credits at HCC are classified as Part-Time Student Status.

Auditing Courses

A student not wishing credit may audit courses. This status may allow the student to participate in classroom activities. Tuition and fees are the same for audited classes.

Students must obtain the written approval of the instructor in order to audit a class. An Audit form signed by the class instructor must be completed within four weeks of the start of classes for a standard semester and earlier for summer or winter sessions. Forms are available at the Registrar's office. Full tuition and fees are due for any audited classes. While the student may ask to have papers critiqued, the instructor is not required to grade an auditor's course work. Audited classes are listed on the student's transcript as AU. While a student may in succeeding semesters take for credit a class previously audited, students may not petition to receive credit for an audited class and may not change to a credit basis during the semester.

Change of Major/Add a Secondary Program

Students who wish to change their enrollment from one major to another (for example, to change from General Studies to Fine Arts - Art) or add a secondary program should obtain the proper form from the Counseling Office. The completed Change of Major form needs to be submitted to the Registrars Office, LH-L113A.


With enrollment in college, students accept responsibility to take full advantage of their educational opportunity by regular attendance in classes and laboratories.

The college does not administer a uniform system of attendance regulations. At the beginning of each semester the instructor will provide a course outline and what he/she considers necessary for the successful completion of the subject matter. Students are expected to meet academic obligations or to assume the risks of failure.

The instructor will extend make-up of work missed because of absence or other reasons only when there is sufficient justification.
Lack of attendance cannot be the sole ground for exclusion from a course.

Repeating a Course/Higher Grade Prevails

Students may only repeat the same course twice in which they receive a grade of "C-" or lower (C-, D+, D-, F). Credit will be granted only once for a course unless otherwise specified in the course description. The student transcript will reflect all grades, but for the purpose of the computation of the GPA, the higher or highest grade prevails. Repeated courses that are counted in the computation of the GPA are noted with "I" on the transcript following the grade points to indicate "included" in calculation. Courses that are not counted in the computation of the GPA are noted with "E" on the transcripts following the grade points to indicate "excluded" in calculation.

Incomplete Work

If there are exceptional circumstances, a student whose work in a course is incomplete at the time of grading may request a grade of "I" from the course instructor. The instructor will complete an Incomplete Grade Form which lists what the student must do to complete the course requirements and a default grade if the student fails to do so. If the work for the course and the procedures for changing a grade are not completed within 10 weeks of the following regular semesters (fall or spring), the "I" automatically converts to the default grade provided by the faculty member. (Grades of "I" received at the end of the spring semester would automatically revert to the default grade at the end of the fall semester.)

The student is responsible for meeting with the instructor to make arrangements to complete course work.

If an extension of time beyond one semester is needed, a written request must be filed in the office of the Academic Dean prior to the end of the 10-week period. Extensions will be at the discretion of the instructor and the Academic Dean.

Withdrawing from College or Dropping a Course

A student who wishes to drop a course or to withdraw from the college should follow the official procedure outlined below. Students who do not officially drop courses or withdraw from the college or fail to complete courses satisfactorily may be subject to probation, suspension or dismissal.

1. Contact a advisor in the Advising Office or a faculty advisor and follow his or her instructions.

2. Obtain an add/drop notice form from the Registrar's Office or download the form online.

3. Students who cannot appear in person to withdraw from the college should ask for instructions from advisors on how to complete the request online. No drop or withdrawal requests can be accepted by telephone.

4. During Fall and Spring semesters, for all students who withdraw from the college or drop a course prior to, or during, the first two weeks of class of the semester, the course will not appear on the student's transcript. Courses withdrawn from or dropped prior to the Summer or Winter sessions will not appear on the student's transcript.

5. Students who drop a course or withdraw from the college after two weeks, but prior to the end of six weeks after the start of classes for a standard semester are entitled to receive a grade of "W" in each course from which they have officially dropped or withdrawn. After that time, through the 12th week of a standard semester, the faculty member has the option to assign a grade of "W" or "F." Before dropping a course, it is recommended that the student discuss the matter with the faculty member. (Refer to the section on Grading.) After the 12th week, no course can be dropped.