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Primary Objectives and Values

Institutional Research

The goal of the HCC OIE is to collect, analyze, and disseminate pertinent information about the college and the community it serves.

Objectives include:

  • create linkages between strategic planning, college goals, and institutional data
  • provide data to support the HCC Strategic Plan
  • provide data to help departments reach their goals
  • provide data to government agencies as required
  • provide data for public dissemination
  • facilitate and participate in discussions of the college's purpose and performance
  • serve as a resource to college departments for research design and methodology related to individual research projects approved by the Institutional Research Board.

Steps to be taken to reach the objectives include:

  • working with IR and IT staff within HCC and the ConnSCU system to develop and maintain accurate, comprehensive databases of institutional information
  • gathering data through the design and/or administration of surveys and other tools
  • supporting matriculation and graduation goals by researching student retention, persistence, attrition, and success
  • exploring new opportunities for research to contribute to institutional evaluation and improvement
  • assisting in the generation of data needed for grant applications
  • educating the campus community on the value and uses of research.


When collecting, analyzing and presenting data, the staff of the Housatonic Community College Office of Institutional Effectiveness strives to:

  • apply statistical principles appropriately
  • present data in clear, easily understandable formats
  • provide context, to foster complete understanding
  • avoid oversimplification of complex issues.

In all of our activities, we strive to be:

  • responsive to the needs of HCC students, staff and faculty
  • ethical in our use of data
  • collegial in our relationships
  • efficient in our operations
  • respectful of student, staff and faculty privacy.