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Life Skill - Financial Literacy



Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy as Life Skill Introduction

Task Force initiated discussion on promoting various Life Skills for the students. Members believed it is more important to provide Life Skills that are most needed as indicated by students themselves. In March 2020, Ms. Madeline Kinchen & Mr. Randy Sanders (Task Force members) formed a small group to explore this area. As a follow-up to the request made by the Task Force that it would be most meaningful if Life Skills are DATA driven, Mr. Randy Sanders reviewed the available Peer Mentoring DATA gathered by Ms. Madeline Kinchen. Randy then gave a brief PPT presentation for the Task Force members including students.

Financial Literacy was emerged as the most needed Life Skill for students.

Task Force brainstormed various ways to offer information on Financial Literacy. Explored various marketing formats to spark students’ interest in the opportunities to learn and develop Financial Literacy. There was unanimous support and preference by students for an in person ‘Seminar’ by an expert rather than just information on flyers, Brochures, Reading books, or Web posting. Students also suggested that the Expert seminar be made available at different time during the semester for the benefit of all students.

Finally, Ms. Marilyn Wehr agreed to collaborate with Prof. Mary Ann Vlahac (Chair - Busines Dept), who created the current Workshop Seminars. In due course, financial literacy will be offered in different formats.

Posted by: Madeline Kinchen
Randy Sanders

Financial Literacy Webpage and workshops

Developed by Prof MaryAnn Vlahac - Chairperson of the Business Department,
and in collaboration with Marilyn Wehr - HCC-JED Campus Task Force member

Due to the current COVID -19 situation, some personal finance activities are on hold, while these are happening!

We have launched a financial literacy web page on the HCC website, containing links to everyday financial topics, an ask the expert area along with monthly financial workshops done in social media with Patriot Bank.

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