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Financial Literacy

HCC Financial Literacy

You want to be as smart about your money as you are about your studies. On this site, find information to help you make better money decisions

Everyday Money Management Everyday Money Management

Everyday Money Management

Financial Independence Financial Independence

Financial Independence

My Credit My Credit

My Credit

Financial Links Financial Links

Financial Links

Ask The Expert

Patriot Bank

HCC has partnered with Patriot Bank to provide you with resources to financial questions. The money decisions you make today will impact your future.

Financial Literacy Video Archives

Patriot Bank Financial Literacy Series

Checking Accounts

Digital Banking

Personal Loans

Building Your Credit

Credit Cards

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Starting Your Own Business

Savings Accounts

Credit Reporting



Setting up an Emergency Fund

Identity Theft

Debit Cards

Auto Loans

Planning Your Spending

Paying for your Education

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Mary Ann Vlahac

Twitter and Facebook: @HCCFinLit
Room: Beacon Hall Rm. 353