Center for Academic Progress (CAP)

The Center for Academic Progress

The Center for Academic Progress (CAP) is a learning center for new students. Students can visit the CAP before placement testing to practice and prepare for the test. After placement testing, students can enroll in CAP refresher programs to review and earn an opportunity to retake the placement test. Once enrolled, students in intensive courses can visit the CAP for homework or required tutoring. See Center Services below for more information or call (203) 332-8585.

HCC 425

Center Hours

Monday through Thursday, 9:00AM to 7:00PM, Friday 9:00AM to 4:30PM

Center Services

Accuplacer Practice Test and Review – Students can practice and review English and math to prepare for placement testing in the CAP during the hours listed above. Walk in or make an appointment with CAP staff in Lafayette Rm. L151 for English or L146 for Math. The practice test and review cover topics that are tested in the Accuplacer placement test.

Refresher Programs – Jumpstart, iEnglish, and iMath are intensive, computer-based programs for new students who have taken the Accuplacer placement test, placed into pre-college level courses, and want an opportunity to refresh and build skills then retake the test. Students who successfully complete these free courses are given the opportunity to retake the corresponding section of the Accuplacer placement test in order to save time and money.

CAP Refresher programs are only available for students with a High School Diploma and a completed HCC application.

Tutoring and Workspace for Intensive Courses – Students in English 092i (Reading), English 094i (Writing), and Math 095i have access to the CAP for tutoring and more. All tutoring for these classes happens in the CAP and students can also use the rooms and computers for homework. Appointments are encouraged but not required.

Center Staff

Andrew Pelletier – CAP Coordinator – LH B153 – (203) 332-8516
Kofi Adomako-Ayisi – English Instructional Support Specialist – LH B151 – (203) 332-8503
Hyoja Tully – Math Instructional Support Specialist – LH B146 – (203) 332-8579
Kevin Redmond – Math Instructional Support Specialist– LH B146 – (203) 332-8527

Academic Support Center Staff

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi Instructional Support Specialist (CAP English) 203-332-8503
Aliss Obeid Tutoring Coordinator 203-332-5992
Andrew Pelletier Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator 203-332-8516
Kevin Redmond Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) 203-332-8527
Karyn Smith Coordinator of the Writing Center 203-332-5133
Marianne Tecun Director of Academic Support Center 203-332-5139
Hyoja Tully Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) 203-332-8579