HCC Women's Centery

HCC Women’s Center

Vision Statement

Housatonic Community College Women’s Center is committed to creating an inclusive environment by working towards a climate of gender equity and social justice that will enrich the lives of all members of our campus and community. Our Center serves as a space for support, education through programming, discussion, advocacy, and affirmation for women and other marginalized groups in society.

Mission Statement

The Housatonic Community College Women’s Center is committed to meeting the needs of women in both the college and surrounding community. The Center provides a safe environment to receive support, assistance and information. It also encourages the creation and implementation of educational programming to help women and men explore the position of women in our society. We are committed to helping individuals overcome obstacles in their lives in order to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Women’s Center Hours
Mondays 9AM-7PM
Tuesdays 10AM-8PM
Wednesdays 11AM-5PM
Thursdays 10AM-4PM
Fridays 10AM-4PM

If we are not here during these hours, we are likely at an event.


Please check back for future announcements/events.

Staff Information

Women's Center Coordinator, Katrina Camerato, 203-332-5268,

Achieving the Dream
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