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Supplemental Placement Form

Congratulations on your acceptance to Housatonic Community College. As part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and limited availability to administer placement assessments on campus, we ask that you complete this form to the best of your ability.

This form is only for incoming students that have earned a U.S. high school diploma. Any students that completed high school outside of the country and are not transferring college level English and Math courses must schedule a placement test here:

The information collected can be used by our Advising Team to determine the appropriate Math, ESL & English placement for students enrolling in classes. However, Housatonic Community College reserves the right to request the completion of alternative measures such as a writing sample for placement into English courses, if needed.

**Important** - If you have SAT/ACT or GED Exam Scores, please upload a picture of them through your online application: