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Haas Scholarship

Continuing & Professional Education Scholarship Application

Administered by the Continuing & Professional Studies and Housatonic Community College Foundation


  • You will be attending Housatonic Community College during 2020-2021 Academic year.
  • Scholarship is applicable to only non-credit Manufacturing courses.


  • Scholarship notifications will be made through the Continuing & Professional Education.


  • If you are awarded a scholarship and withdraw or drop out of a class, YOU will be responsible for the tuition and will not be eligible for future scholarships.
  • All students receiving a scholarship will be required to submit a thank you letter to the Continuing Education Office in how the scholarship has helped you achieve your academic and career goals.
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HCC is proud to offer assistance through SNAP, WIOA, Veterans, and The WorkPlace / ApprenticeshipWorks. The far-right column in the below schedule shows which programs are eligible for assistance.