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O'Keefe Erin

Lecturer of Accounting,

Ortiz Jamilet

Professor of Spanish, Coordinator of World Languages Placement Exams, , 203-332-5141, Office BH 228A

Pasierb Bernard

Instructor of Business Administration, , 203-332-5118, Office BH-340

Peck Christine

Lecturer of Psychology,

Pepin Kyle

Assistant Professor of Manufacturing Technology, , 203-332-5051, Office LH-C179E

Perry Dean

Lecturer of Biology,

Philips Marina

Professor of Mathematics, , 203-332-5289, Office LH-B268

Piazza, Ed.D. Dianna

Lecturer of Anatomy & Physiology, , 203-332-5130, Office LH-B261

Picarello Carmine

Lecturer of Photography,

Pinto Andrew

Professor of Art, , 203-332-5173, Office LH-L408

Pirog Pamela

Professor of Accounting, , 203-332-5124, Office BH-347

Platt, Ph.D. David

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, , 203 332-5115, Office LH-B258

Prayzner Andrew

Lecturer of Art,

Quarles Valerie

Lecturer of Human Services,

Ravanshad Farshad

Associate Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5127, Office BH-350

Reinoso, Jr. Carlos

Instructor of Human Services, , 203-332-5293, Office BH-249

Remy Ronald

Lecturer of Composition,

Reynolds-Kaye Jennifer

Lecturer of Art,

Rochman Joanne

Lecturer of English,

Romanova Emma

Instructor of English as a Second Language,

Rondinone, M.A. Tonya H. - Chairperson of the Behavioral & Social Sciences Department

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5174, Office BH-257

Rose Eddie

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5117, Office BH-215a

Rowe, Ph.D. Larisa

Assistant Professor of Biology and Microbiology, , 203-332-5106, Office LH-C299

Rusate Christina

Lecturer of Business,

Ruskin Daniel B.

Lecturer of Business,

Russo Louis

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Sabulis John

Lecturer of Computer Aided Design (CAD),

Salzman Beverly

Lecturer of Psychology,

Samberg Rebecca - Chairperson of the First Year Studies Department

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5153, Office BH-215e

Santa Maria Kristin

Instructor of English, , 203-332-5241, Office BH-229

Schaeffler Janice

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5220, Office BH-215A

Schickler Patricia

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Scobie Adam

Assistant Professor of Manufacturing Technology, , 203-332-5963, Office LH-C179E

Segall Laurence C.

Lecturer of Sociology,

Seymour Richard

Lecturer of Health Sciences and Biology,

Shapiro Nanci J.

Lecturer of Art,

Sheehan Geoffrey

Professor of Theater Arts, , 203-332-5270, Office LH-A125A

Shutan Suzan

Lecturer of Art,

Smith Karyn L.

Professor of English, Coordinator of the Writing Center, , 203-332-5133, Office BH-228C

Smith Marcia

Lecturer of Communications,

Stanko Justin

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Steeves Elizabeth

Professor of Chemistry, , 203-332-5157, Office LH-B264

Sullivan Maggie

Lecturer of Art,

Sweeney Michael

Lecturer of English, , 203-332-8557

Tapper F. Michael

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5235, Office BH-114A

Toedt Kathleen Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology and Biology, , 203-332-5110, Office LH-B269

Tomey, M.A.T. Shelley S.

Professor of Early Childhood Education, Coordinator of the Early Childhood Inclusive Education Program, Student Teaching Supervisor, Coordinator of Early Childhood Inclusive Education, , 203-332-5162, Office BH-246

Trelease Frances

Lecturer of English,

Tubis Zhanna

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Tunstall Kathleen

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Turiano, M.S. Laura

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5978, Office BH-261

Vance Jeffrey

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Vieira Marianne

Lecturer of English,

Viscardi Lydia

Lecturer of Art,

Vlahac Mary Ann

Associate Professor of Business Administration, , 203-332-5120, Office BH-351

Washington Jazmyne

Instructor of Sociology, , 203-332-8547, Office BH-252

Wason Anjali

Instructor of English as a Second Language, First Year Studies, , Office BH 215c

Weber LeighAnn

Lecturer of Sociology,

Williams Kim Bianca

Lecturer of English and Communications,

Wolfe-Boynton Cynthia

Lecturer of English and Communications,

Woodhouse Anthony

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Wyckoff Robert

Associate Professor of English, , 203-332-8557, Office BH-228D

Yarrow Janet

Professor of Nutrition and Biology, , 203-332-5209, Office LH-B265

Young Mentrel

Lecturer of Biology,

Zander Kyle

Professor of Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, , 203-332-8562, Office LH-B271

Zukowski Nancy

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Zukowski Robert

Instructor of Business Admin: Economics & Finance, , 203-332-5128, Office BH-340

Zumoff Jacob

Lecturer of History,

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