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Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness Committee

Appreciating diversity means acknowledging that people think, act, interact, and learn differently. The Diversity Awareness Committee (DAC) promotes valuing the impact those differences have on our community. These differences stem from factors such as socio-economic status, language, personal beliefs, political views, age, race, color, religious creed, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital status, gender identity, etc.

As a group of dedicated faculty, staff and students, we draw from the remarkably broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences of Housatonic's community members, as well as that of the Greater Bridgeport Community, to contribute to the academic, professional and cultural life of the campus.

In addition, the DAC helps to develop standards by which to measure diversity appreciation and awareness, sponsors diversity workshops that address topics such as classroom dynamics, bullying and religious tolerance. It partners with other campus committees and groups to enhance programming.

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