Department Contacts

College Departments

Academic Advising and Student Success Center

Office: LH- L112, Phone: 203-332-5263, Email:

Academic Dean

Office: BH-287, Phone: 203-332-5085, Email:

Academic Support Center

Office: LH- B118, Phone: 203-332-5139, Email:

Accessibility/Disability Services

Office: LH- L115b, Phone: 203-332-5018, Email:

Admissions Department

Office: Lafayette L111, Phone: 203-332-5100, Email:

Affirmative Action

Office: LH- A203, Phone: 203-332-5013, Email:

Alumni and Friends

Office: BH-341, Phone: 203-332-8507

Bookstore (See Web Site)

Office: Beacon Hall

Bursar's Office

Office: LH- A104, Phone: 203-332-5008, Email:


Office: Lafayette Hall

Career Services

Office: LH-L145, Phone: 203-332-5983, Email:


Office: BH- 278, Phone: 203-332-8531, Email:

Computer Services

Office: LH-A115, Phone: 203-332-5034, Email:

Continuing Education

Office: BH- 116, Phone: 203-332-5057, Email:

Counseling and Wellness Center

Office: LH- L309, Phone: 203-332-5285

Dean of Students

Office: LH- A110, Phone: 203-332-5183, Email:

Early Childhood Laboratory School

Office: LH- B137, Phone: 203-332-5030, Email:

Educational Technology

Office: BH- 272a, Phone: 203-332-5068, Email:

Facility Use Inquiries

Office: LH-A205, Phone: 203-332-5080, Email:

Financial Aid Office

Office: LH- A102, Phone: 203-332-5047, Email:

Fitness Center

Office: BH-117b, Phone: 203-332-5134, Email:

Health Records Office

Office: LH- A108, Phone: 203-332-5100, Email:

Honors Program

Office: BH-229, Phone: 203-332-5137, Email:

Horizons Newspaper

Office: BH- 233, Phone: 203-332-5099, Email:

Housatonic Community College Foundation

Office: BH-282, Phone: 203-332-5038, Email:

Housatonic Museum of Art

Office: LH-B112, Phone: 203-332-5052, Email:

Human Resources

Office: LH- L218, Phone: 203-332-5059, Email:


Office: Atrium, Phone: 203-332-5000

Institutional Research

Office: LH A203, Phone: 203-332-5171, Email:


Office: LH- B114, Phone: 203-332-5070, Email:


Office: LH-C108, Phone: 203-332-5016, Email:

Marketing and Publications

Office: BH- 281, Phone: 203-332-5126, Email:

Media Services

Office: LH- B114f, Phone: 203-332-5180, Email:


Office: LH- A231, Phone: 203-332-5007, Email:

Placement Testing Center

Office: LH- B119, Phone: 203-332-5217, Email:


Office: LH-A201, Phone: 203-332-5222, Email:

Public Relations

Office: LH-A204, Phone: 203-332-8531, Email:

Public Safety/Security (Beacon Hall)

Office: BH- 110, Phone: 203-332-5025, Email:

Public Safety/Security (Lafayette Hall)

Office: LH- A105, Phone: 203-332-5025, Email:


Office: LH- B109, Phone: 203-332-5088


Office: LH-B127, Phone: 203-332-5038, Email:

Student Club Office

Office: BH- 317a, Email:

Student Life Office

Office: BH- 317b, Phone: 203-332-5904, Email:

Student Senate Office

Office: BH- 317, Phone: 203-332-8581, Email:

Student Services Center

Office: LH L-111, Phone: 203-332-5908, Email:


Office: LH- B109, Phone: 203-332-5088, Email:

Tutoring/Academic Support Center

Office: LH-B116, Phone: 203-332-5019, Email:

Veteran's Representative

Office: LH- B109, Phone: 203-332-5087


Office: BH-283, Phone: 203-332-5966, Email:

Weekend Coordinator

Office: LH-A113, Phone: 203-332-8550, Email:

Women's Center

Office: BH- 371, Phone: 203-332-5268, Email: