Full-time Staff

Adomako-Ayisi, Kofi

Instructional Support Specialist (English), , 203-332-8503

Alton, Douglas

Media Specialist, , 203-332-5077, Office LH-B114f

Bernard, Rayon

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5125, Office LH-L111

Blackmon, Sharon

Registration Services Assistant, , 203-332-8592, Office LH-B109

Bomely, Bruce

Assistant Director of Information Technology, , 203-332-5233, Office BH-124

Bright, Medgine

Assistant Director of Student Activities, , 203-332-5058

Cacioppo, Megan (Federico)

Marketing Coordinator, , 203-332-5126, Office LH-A202

Chavis, Tracey

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5215, Office LH-A108f

Connolly, James

Acting Dean of Students, Registrar, , 203-332-5090, Office LH-B109b

Cox, Andrea

Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137a

Cross, Ann, Ph.D.

Academic Associate, Science Laboratories, , 203-332-5198, Office LH-C222

Currivan, Christopher

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5287, Office LH-A115d

Dante, Philip

Career Development Coordinator, , 203-332-8535, Office LH-L145

DeSantis, Gregory

Associate Director of Financial Aid, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-A102a

Duhaime, Joseph

Lecturer in Manufacturing,

DuPont, Richard

Program Director of Advanced MFG Center, , 203-332-5991, Office LH C107h

Echevarria, Erika

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5005, Office LH-L111

Elliott, Curleen

Librarian, , 203-332-5179, Office LH-B114j

Everett, Peter

Librarian, , 203-332-5074, Office LH-B114j

Farrington, Ryan

Director of Education Technology Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5068, Office BH 270

Feliciano, Monserrate

Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137d

Fischer, Matthew

Public Relations Associate, , 203-332-8531, Office LH-A206

Gard, Evelyn

Director of Communications and Marketing, , 203-332-5191, Office LH B-216

Gibson, Jeanine

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5263, Office LH-L112a

Gonzalez, Milagros

Associate Registrar, , 203-332-5091, Office LH-L113C

Gore, Mark

Librarian, , 203-332-5069, Office LH-B114j

Graham, Earl

Director of Admissions, , 203-332-5290, Office LH-L111h

Guirand, Felisha

FT EA/Data & Reporting Specialist, , 203-332-5975

Han, Qiming

Systems Librarian, , 203-332-5073, Office LH-B114c

Haynes, Vanessa

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-L111

Heng, Kentha, MBA

Senior Enrollment Management Specialist, SNAP Grant Associate, , 203-332-5221, Office LH-L113

Hennessey, Richard

Director of Facilities, , 203-332-5079, Office LH-C104

Hernandez, Maria

HCA Contextualized Learning Continuing Education Assistant, , 203-332-8533, Office BH-116

Hodgson, Fiona K.

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and Resource Development, , 203-332-5078, Office BH 279

Hope, Kelly K.

Director of Student Activities, , 203-332-5973, Office BH-317b

Hubbard, Richard

Webmaster, , 203-332-5966, Office LH-A206

Hynds, Samuel

Coordinator of Administrative Information Technology, , 203-332-5111, Office LH-A115c

Jenecaro, Joseph

Coordinator of Continuing Education, , 203-332-5964, Office BH-116

Jimenez, Natalia

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5216, Office BH-359

Khon, Karen

Enrollment Management Specialist, , 203-332-8530, Office LH-L113

Kuchmas, Deborah S.

Transfer Coordinator, , 203-332-5279, Office LH-L112

Livingston, Omar

Acting Director of Financial Aid, , 203-332-5049, Office LH-L111C

Lloyd-Ebron, Loretta D.

FT EA SNAP Grant Coordinator, , 203-332-5145, Office LH-115A

Lund, Kristin

Director of Early Childhood Laboratory School Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5030, Office LH-B137a

Lutris, Jennifer

Librarian, , 203-332-5075, Office LH-B114c

Mackinotsh, Carla

Scholarship Coordinator / Administrative Assistant, , 203-332-5038, Office BH-282

Macnow, Andrea

Grants Development Specialist, , 203-332-8546, Office LH-A203

McAllister, Jesse

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5092, Office LH-A223a

Medina, Carmen

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-8553 , Office LH-A108c

Mulvihill, Alese

Associate Dean of Student Success, , 203-332-8508, Office LH-L112n

Murati, Mirjeta

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5037, Office LH-A102

Norton, Lindsey

Counselor, , 203-332-8590, Office LH-A108c

Oravetz, Teresa

Director of Finance and Administrative Services, , 203-332-5014, Office LH-L123D

Papacoda, Karen

Child Development Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137d

Parrett, Marnie

Project Coordinator (Retention & Completion Data), , 203-332-8510, Office LH-L112c

Pelletier, Andrew

Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator, , 203-332-8516, Office LH-A209

Perez, Gonzalo

Registration Services Assistant, , 203-332-5089, Office LH-B109

Pizarro, David

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5011, Office BH-123

Poskus, Amy

Associate Director of Financial Aid, , 203-332-8549, Office LH-A102

Ratanavong, Susan

Success Coach, , 203-332-5212, Office LH-A108h

Reddy, Indira, Ed.D.; LCPC; LPC, CT

Counselor, , 203-332-5039, Office LH-A108h

Redmond, Kevin

Instructional Support Specialist (Math), , 203-332-8527, Office LH-A227

Rodriguez, Rebecca

Counselor Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5225, Office LH-A108d

Rosario, Grace

Media Specialist (EA), , 203-332-5180, Office 328-BH

Rydzik, Meghan

Financial Aid Assistant,

Sanders, Randy

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5006, Office LH-A108e

Schaeffler, Janice

Director of Institutional Research, , 203-332-5220, Office BH-285

Scobie, George

Assistant Director of CAMI Training,

Shea, Bernard

Assistant Director of Admissions, , 203-332-8513, Office LH-L111f

Stevens, Gail

Partnership Coordinator, , 203-332-5105, Office BH-283

Strohm, Shelley

Director of Library Services, , 203-332-5072, Office LH-B114k

Suarez , Gloria

FT EA (Enrollment Management Assistant), , 203-332- 5969, Office LH-L111

Tapper, F. Michael

Information Technology Tech II Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5235, Office BH-114A

Tecun, Marianne

Director of Academic Support Center, , 203-332-5139, Office LH-B118

Teel, LaTora C.

Payroll Clerk, 203-332-8539, Office LH L218A

Thomas, Anisha

Director of Career Services and Internships, , 203-332-5983, Office LH-L145

Tully, Hyoja

Instructional Support Specialist (Math), , 203-332-8579, Office LH-A227

Vickers, Constance

Alumni and Events Coordinator, , 203-332-5156, Office BH-281

Vitola, Anthony

Director of Information Technology, , 203-332-5034, Office LH-A115

Wahlberg, Marilyn

Assistant to Grant Coordinator, FORWARD Program, , 203-332-8509, Office LH-L123

Walden, Terry

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5176, Office LH-L112

Wehr, Marilyn L.

Coordinator of Disability Support Services, , 203-332-5018, Office LH-L115B

Williams, Yotisse

Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137

Wolfson, Linda, Ph.D.

Counselor, , 203-332-5181, Office LH-A108g

Wood, Kimberly

Director of the Student Services Center, , 203-332-5098, Office LH-L113

Yepes, Hernan D.

Director of Student Services, , 203-332-5017, Office LH-A108e

Zella, Robbin

Director of the Housatonic Museum of Art, , 203-332-5052, Office LH-B112


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