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Companies starting with W

Wagner, Thomas

Instructor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5968, Office BH-340

Wahlberg, Marilyn

Assistant to Grant Coordinator, FORWARD Program, , 203-332-8509, Office LH-L123

Walden, Terry

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5176, Office LH-L112

Wall, Joyce E.

Lecturer in Biology,

Walsh, Pamela

Acting Director of Continuing and Professional Education Programs , , 203-332-5084, Office BH-116F

Wannagot, Judi L.

Instructor in English as a Second Language,

Ward-Roberts, Fabiola

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5985, Office LH-A106

Wasik, Michael

Graphics Specialist, , 203-332-5234, Office LH-A204

Watstein, Esther

Archive Manager, , 203-332-5226, Office LH-B114c

Weaver, Alan

Lecturer in Computer Science,


Office: BH-283, Phone: 203-332-5966, Email:

Weekend Coordinator

Office: LH-A113, Phone: 203-332-8550, Email:

Wehr, Marilyn L.

Accessibility Services Coordinator/Counselor, , 203-332-5018, Office LH-L115B

Weiner, Tina

Lecturer in Early Childhood Education,

Weldon, Susan

Part-Time Lecturer,

Wiencko, Thomas

Mail Handler, , 203-332-5026, Office LH-A109

Williams, Kim Bianca

Lecturer in Business & English,

Williams, Monique

Opioid Crisis Grant Project Manager, , 203-332-5285, Office LH-B115

Williams, Thomas

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Williams, Yotisse

Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137

Williamson, John

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Wilson, DeNeva

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5196, Office LH-L113

Wolfe-Boynton, Cynthia

Lecturer in English and Communications,

Wolfson, Linda, Ph.D.

Counselor, , 203-332-5181, Office L311-LH

Women's Center

Office: BH- 371, Phone: 203-332-5268, Email:

Wood, Kimberly

Director of the Student Services Center, , 203-332-5098, Office LH-L113

Wood, Thomas

Lecturer in Chemistry,

Woodhouse, Anthony

Part-Time Lecturer,

Weldon, Susan

Part-Time Lecturer,

Wright, Cornell

Lecturer in Business,

Wyckoff, Robert

Instructor of English, , 203-332-8557, Office BH-228D