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Companies starting with F

Fabbri, Robert L.

Lecturer in History,

Fabrizio, Vickie

Placement Testing Specialist/EA, , (203) 332-5217, Office LH-B117

Facility Use Inquiries

Office: LH-A205, Phone: 203-332-5080, Email:

Falbowski, Shawn

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Farrell, Robert

Professor Emeritus of English

Farrington, Ryan

Director of Education Technology Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5068, Office BH 270

Favret, John

Professor of Graphic Design, Coordinator of the Art Program, , 203-332-5116, Office L-406

Felder, Robert

Part-Time Lecturer,

Feliciano, Monserrate

Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School/EA, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137d

Ferencek, Paul J.

Part-Time Lecturer,

Ferraro, Meredith C.

Health Career Advisor High School Outreach Program/College Careers Pathway,

Fians, Ed J.

Lecturer in English,

Fields, Veetra

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5020, Office BH-146c

Financial Aid Office

Office: LH- A102, Phone: 203-332-5047, Email:

Firmender, Dana

Lecturer in English as a Second Language,

Fitness Center

Office: BH-117b, Phone: 203-332-5134, Email:

Fitzpatrick, Phyllis

Research Specialist, , 203-332-5171, Office LH A203

Foley, Sharon

Lecturer of Early Childhood Education,

Fontaine, Johnson

Lecturer in Psychology,

Forte, Larry

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Freeman, Mathieu

Lecturer in Chemistry,

Frieri, Giuseppe

Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages


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