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Companies starting with E

Emeriti (62)

Eady, Mary E.

Counselor Emerita

Early Childhood Laboratory School

Office: LH- B137, Phone: 203-332-5030, Email:

Educational Technology

Office: BH- 272a, Phone: 203-332-5068, Email:

Eisenbach, Theresa

Director of Human Resources/Equal Opportunity Employment Officer, , 203-332-5013, Office LH-L218F

Elliott, Curleen

Librarian, , 203-332-5179, Office LH-B114j

Ellis, Rose, Ph.D.

Dean of Administration and Institutional Effectiveness , , 203-332-5015, Office LH-A205a

Empric, Scott

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5147, Office BH-215g

Enders, Michael

Lecturer in Political Science,

Enders, Sandra

Lecturer in Sociology,

Enns, Brian

Instructor of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5175, Office BH-249

Erickson, Rodney

Lecturer in Biology,

Estime, Vanessa, B.S., University of New Haven Paralegal Studies Certificate, University of New Haven

Achievement Coach/EA, , 203-332-8566, Office LH A108g

Everett, Peter

Librarian, , 203-332-5074, Office LH-B114j