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Directory starting with S

Sabulis, John

Lecturer in Computer Aided Design (CAD),

Samberg, Rebecca, - Chairperson of the First Year Studies Department

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5153, Office LH-A212

Sanders, Randy

Academic Advisor, , 203-332-5006, Office LH-A108e

Sandor, Mary

Lecturer in Human Services,

Sapelli, Ernest

Associate Professor Emeritus of Business

Schaeffler, Janice

Director of Institutional Research, , 203-332-5220, Office BH-285

Schickler, Patricia

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Schirano, Matthew

Schissler, Henry

Lecturer of Sociology, , 203-332-5261, Office BH-252


Office: LH-B127, Phone: 203-332-5038, Email:

Scippa, Thomas

Lecturer in Art,

Scobie, Adam

FT Lecturer of MFG Technology, , Office LH-C107b

Scobie, George

Assistant Director of CAMI Training,

Segall, Laurence C.

Lecturer in Sociology,

Senes, Antonio

Associate Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Sepulveda, Noel

Lecturer in Biology,

Seymour, Richard

Instructor in Health Sciences and Biology,

Shapiro, Nanci J.

Lecturer in Art,

Shea, Bernard

Assistant Director of Admissions, , 203-332-8513, Office LH-A106

Shea, Frank

Payroll Manager, , 203-332-5007, Office LH-A231

Shea, Patricia

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Sheehan, Geoffrey

Professor of Theater Arts, , 203-332-5270, Office LH-A229

Sherwin, Bruce J.

Lecturer in Psychology,

Sherwin, Bruce J.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Shutan, Suzan

Lecturer in Art,

Simon, Michael

Professor Emeritus of Science

Simon, Michael

Professor Emeritus of Science,

Sinise, Mark

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Singleton, Dexter

Lecturer in Theater Arts,

Slade, Lisa M.

Lecturer in Human Services,

Slattery, Melissa

PT EA (Graphic Designer), , 203-332-5126 , Office BH-281

Smith, Anson

Public Relations Associate Emeritus

Smith, Arthur

Lecturer in Business,

Smith, Brett C.

Helmsley Postdoctoral Scholar, , 203-332-5234, Office LH-B234

Smith, Bruce

Coordinator Emeritus of Evenings & Weekends

Smith, Karyn L.

Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of the Writing Center, , 203-332-5133, Office BH 215G

Smith, Paul R.

Lecturer in Computer Science,

Smith, Marcia

Lecturer in Communications,

Sommers, Irene

Lecturer in English & Art,

Sopchak, John C.

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-8547, Office BH-252

Soto, Orlando

Police Officer, , 203-332-5189, Office BH-110

Spignolio, Patria

Secretary 2, , 203-332-5093, Office LH-A203a

Spina, Randye

Lecturer in Communications,

Squizzato, Daniela

Achievement Coach - FESP, , 203-332-8564, Office LH-L112b

Stanko, Justin

Part-Time Lecturer,

Steeves, Elizabeth

Professor of Chemistry, , 203-332-5157, Office LH-C233

Stein, Michael

Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts

Stein, Michael D.

Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts,

Stevens, Gail

Partnership Coordinator, , 203-332-5105, Office BH-283

Stevenson, David

Maintainer, , 203-332-5027, Office LH-C115

Still, Verniece

Enrollment Management Specialist, , 203-332-5231, Office LH-L113

Strohm, Shelley

Director of Library Services, , 203-332-5072, Office LH-B114k

Skubly, Jacqueline

Professor Emerita of Foreign Languages

Student Club Office

Office: BH- 317a, Email:

Student Life Office

Office: BH- 317b, Phone: 203-332-5904, Email:

Student Senate Office

Office: BH- 317, Phone: 203-332-8581, Email:

Student Services Center

Office: LH L-111, Phone: 203-332-5908, Email:

Suarez , Gloria

FT EA (Enrollment Management Assistant), , 203-332- 5969, Office LH-L111

Sullivan, Maggie

Lecturer in Art,

Sweeney, Michael

Lecturer in English, , 203-332-8557

Sylvia, Edward

Registrar Emeritus

Szobota, Heidi

Director of Early Childhood Lab School Emerita


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