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Denbaum, Drew Steven

Lecturer in English,

DePalo, Thomas

Lecturer in Computer Science,

DePietro, Paul

Professor Emeritus of Accounting,

DeSantis, Gregory

Associate Director of Financial Aid, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-A102a

Deshotel, Clopha

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5019, Office LH-B116

Doane, Elizabeth B.

Professor Emerita of Mathematics,

Doherty, Shannon

Lecturer in History,

Douglas, Sherifa

Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator of Surgical Technology, , 203-332-5993, Office LH-L250

Douglas, Timothea

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5241, Office LH-A107

Dunne, Matthew W., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History & Political Science, , 203-332-5043, Office BH-253

DuPont, Richard

Director of Community & Campus Relations for AMTC, , 203-332-5991, Office LH C107h

Eisenbach, Theresa

Director of Human Resources/Equal Opportunity Employment Officer, , 203-332-5013, Office LH-L218F

Elliott, Curleen

Librarian, , 203-332-5179, Office LH-B114j

Ellis, Rose, Ph.D.

Dean of Administration and Institutional Effectiveness , , 203-332-5015, Office LH-A205a

Empric, Scott

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5147, Office BH-215g

Enders, Michael

Lecturer in Political Science,

Enders, Sandra

Lecturer in Sociology,

Enns, Brian

Instructor of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5175, Office BH-249

Erickson, Rodney

Lecturer in Biology,

Everett, Peter

Librarian, , 203-332-5074, Office LH-B114j

Fabbri, Robert L.

Lecturer in History,

Falbowski, Shawn

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Favret, John

Professor of Graphic Design, Coordinator of the Art Program, , 203-332-5116, Office L-406

Felder, Robert

Part-Time Lecturer,

Ferencek, Paul J.

Part-Time Lecturer,

Fians, Ed J.

Lecturer in English,

Fields, Veetra

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5020, Office BH-146c

Firmender, Dana

Lecturer in English as a Second Language,

Fitzpatrick, Phyllis

Research Specialist, , 203-332-5171, Office LH A203

Foley, Sharon

Lecturer of Early Childhood Education,

Fontaine, Johnson

Lecturer in Psychology,

Forte, Larry

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Freeman, Mathieu

Lecturer in Chemistry,

Gallagher, Joan

Professor Emerita of Business and Computer Science,

Galluzzi, Jennifer

Lecturer in Biology,

Gard, Evelyn

Associate Dean of Communications and Marketing, , 203-332-5191, Office LH-A204

Gelinas, Stephen

Maintainer, , 203-332-5027, Office LH-C115

Gibson, Jeanine

Acting Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention, , 203-332-5263, Office LH-L112a

Giegengack, Edward

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Gilbertie, Henry E.

Lecturer in Business,

Gill, Susann E.

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Gleason, Dorothy

Bridges Program Coordinator, , 203-332-5201, Office LH-B135

Goldstein, Lauren

Part-Time Lecturer,

Gonzalez, Milagros

Associate Registrar, , 203-332-5091, Office LH-L113C

Gonzalez, Robert

Police Officer, , 203-332-5022, Office BH-110

Gore, Mark

Librarian, , 203-332-5069, Office LH-B114j

Gough, Christopher

Police Master Sergeant/Director of Security, , 203-332-5024, Office LH-A105

Grabarz, Theodore

Lecturer in Biology,

Graham, Earl

Director of Admissions, , 203-332-5290, Office LH-L111h

Grant, Cheryl

Lecturer in Business Office Technology,

Grant, Ruth

Lecturer in Early Childhood Education,

Greenberg, Lisa

Lecturer in Art,

Greene, Susan

Project Manager: Degree Works, Acalog, Curriculog, , 203-332-5228, Office LH-L113

Grossane, Mark

Part-time Reference Librarian, , Office LH-B114

Grossman, William

Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5121, Office BH-343

Guillen, Cindy

Administrative Assistant , , 203-332-5184, Office LH-A110

Guirand, Felisha

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C107d

Gutowski, Phyllis J.

Professor Emerita of Biology,

Hacker, Robyn

Part-Time Lecturer,

Hageman, Sheila

Lecturer in English,

Hamel, Ronald

Lecturer in Psychology,

Hampton, Carol

Lecturer in English,

Han, Qiming

Systems Librarian, , 203-332-5073, Office LH-B114c

Hanna, Mona

Lecturer in Chemistry,

Hanson, Timothy

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Harris-Ankrum, Suzanne

Lecturer in Theater Arts,

Harrison, Jeffrey

HVAC, , 203-332-5027, Office LH-C115

Hart, Stephanie A.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5142, Office BH-228b

Hayes, Janet V.

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, , 203-332-5132, Office LH-L412

Haynes, Vanessa

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-L111

Hein, Nathan

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Hendrickson, Van M.

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Heng, Kentha

Educational Partnership Associate / SNAP Grant Associate, , 203-332-5221, Office BH-277

Henry, Teresa M.

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Hernandez, Maria

HCA Contextualized Learning Continuing Education Assistant/EA, , 203-332-8533, Office BH-116C

Hodgson, Fiona K.

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and Resource Development, , 203-332-5078, Office BH 279

Hogg, Victor

Lecturer in Art,

Hope, Kelly K.

Director of Student Life and Student Conduct, , 203-332-5973, Office BH-317b

Hubbard, Richard

Webmaster, , 203-332-5966, Office LH-A204

Hudak, Lori M.

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Hughes, Kirk T.

Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of the Honors Program, , 203-332-5137, Office BH-229

Hurley, Suzanne

PT Reference Librarian,

Hynds, Samuel

Coordinator of Administrative Information Technology, , 203-332-5111, Office LH-A115c

Ifrach, Shari

Lecturer in Computer Science,

Isaacs, Karen K.

Director Emerita of Marketing and Public Information, Instructor in Communications and English,

Jalbert, Joan

Instructor in Early Childhood Education,

Jeremy, Kellyn

Instructor of Early Childhood Education, , 203-332-5172 , Office BH-251

Jimenez, Natalia

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5216, Office BH-359

Johnson, Jeffrey

Academic Associate-Science Labs, , 203-332-5227, Office LH-C233

Johnson, Shamain

Lecturer in Early Childhood Education,

Julian, James G.

Lecturer in Psychology,

Kamin, Susan

Lecturer in Psychology,

Katundu, Ambroise

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Kaye, Stephen

Lecturer in Business,

Keane, Edward C.

Professor of Psychology and Sociology, Coordinator of Human Services Program, , 203-332-5165, Office BH-242

Keenan, Carol

Lecturer in Computer Science,

Keenan, Paul J.

Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Kennedy, Annmarie

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Kennedy, Heidi

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5048, Office LH-A113

Khon, Karen

Enrollment Management Specialist, , 203-332-8530, Office LH-L113

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