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Housatonic Community College takes pride in the surrounding community and value the neighborhood

HCC has a list of resources that you might find useful. If you need assistance with food or shelter, the following items might be of assistance to you.

Food Pantries - a list of food pantries in the Bridgeport and surround areas.

Homeless Shelters - a list of homeless shelters in the Bridgeport and surround areas.

Counseling Referrals - if you need a referral to a counselor, you might find this information useful.

STEAM - The critical thinking skills and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) are fundamental to the current and future workforce. STEAM is the newest approach in connecting national STEM initiatives with art. STEM + Art = STEAM. (

Girls in Tech - Where Girls Can Explore the Career Path of Technology)


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