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A New Way to Take Math!

Housatonic Computer Lab Information

Self-Paced Studies

  • Do you feel comfortable with computers?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you ever walk out of your math class thinking the teacher is going way too FAST or too S-L-O-W?
  • Do you feel you just need a math refresher?
  • Do you struggle with fractions, percents and decimals?

If you answered YES to three or more of these questions, this is the right MATH CLASS for you!

Self-Paced Studies
... WHAT IS IT? 

  • A computer-based course that allows you to progress at your own pace.
  • In-class tests are given when YOU are ready, NOT when the "class" is ready.
  • Courses may be completed in LESS than one semester.
  • If you need more than one semester to complete the course, registration will be required each semester.
  • Self-Paced Studies teaches you mathematics in a step-by-step manner.
  • Instructors will facilitate, not lecture and will be available in the classroom to help answer questions.
  • At least one class period will be devoted to computer training.

HCC Self-Paced Studies Math Class Information

  • Classes are scheduled at several different times for your convenience.
  • In addition to scheduled class time, each week you are required to work on the Internet either at home or in HCC'S computer labs. 
  • An instructor and tutors will be available for help during class time.
  • You take tests in class when YOU are ready.
  • Instruction is computer based and you learn at YOUR own pace and level.
  • Courses offered are: MAT* E075, MAT* E095 and MAT* E137 

How Do I sign up?

Look for the math classes labeled Self-Paced in the Housatonic class schedule.

Self-Paced math is designed for:

  • Students who feel they already know the material and want a faster way to progress through their mathematics courses. 
  • Students who feel overwhelmed in their math class.
  • Students who don't like the pace of a traditional classroom.
  • Students who are self-motivated.
  • Students who like to work with computers.


  • You must attend every class to make progress.
  • 80% proficiency must be achieved to progress through the course.
  • Each class is limited to 20 students.
  • At-home Internet access is desirable but not necessary.
  • Personal headphones will be used in every class. Please bring your own.

For further information or if you have questions about Self-Paced Math contact Assantewa Dawson by phone at 203-332-5095 or email 


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Course Elective Codes

All degree and certificate programs require various courses that must be completed to meet graduation requirements. Many programs include elective courses in addition to specific courses.

The following codes are used to help you and your advisor determine which elective the course will satisfy. In addition to the codes indicated, all courses with course numbers at the 100 and 200 level (HSE* E101, as example) qualify as open electives. You are advised to pay special attention to program footnotes when selecting your electives.

Elective Codes:

Business elective
BS  Behavioral Science elective
C Computer Literacy (satisfies requirement)
CS Computer Science Elective
Fine Arts elective
Humanities elective
Mathematics elective
Science elective
SS  Social Science elective
Open Elective  All courses numbered 100 or higher

 In 2004 the Connecticut Community Colleges converted to the new "Common Course Numbering" system.

You can use the chart below to find conversion equivalents to previous course numbers.

Current course numbers that are not in this chart are either new courses without equivalents under the previous numbering system or course numbers that have not been converted.

The Course that was:
Is Now:
Course Title
AC 101 ACC* E113 Principles of Financial Accounting
AC 102 ACC* E117 Principles of Managerial Accounting
AC 104 ACC* E125 Accounting Computer Applications I
AC 203 ACC* E231 Cost Accounting I
AC 204 ACC* E241 Federal Taxes I
AC 210, ACC 275 ACC* E271 Principles of Intermediate Accounting I
AC 211, ACC 276 ACC* E272 Principles of Intermediate Accounting II
AN 101 ANT* E101 Introduction to Anthropology
AN 201 ANT* E105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AR 100 ART* E107 Introduction to Studio Art
AR 103 ART* E121 Two-Dimensional Design
AR 104 ART* E109 Color Theory
AR 105 ART* E111 Drawing I
AR 106 ART* E112 Drawing II
AR 114 ART* E167 Printmaking I
AR 115 ART* E184 Teaching Children Art
AR 121 ART* E101 Art History I
AR 122 ART* E102 Art History II
AR 123 ART* E103 Art History III
AR 210 ART* E250 Digital Photography I
AR 225 GRA* E111 Introduction to Computer Graphics
AR 226 GRA* E241 Digital Page Design
AR 229 GRA* E230 Digital Imaging I
AR 234 GRA* E261 Web Design
AR 235 GRA* E271 Computer Animation
AR 237 GRA* E151 Graphic Design
AR 238 GRA* E221 Illustration I
AR 240 ART* E200 History of American Art
AR 241 ART* E203 Introduction to African Art
AR 242 ART* E206 Film Study
AR 245 ART* E113 Figure Drawing I
AR 248 ART* E163 Ceramic Handbuilding
AR 250 ART* E157 Acrylic Painting I
AR 251 ART* E253 Oil Painting I
AR 252 ART* E155 Watercolor I
AR 260 ART* E299 Independent Study in Art
AR 261 ART* E290 Portfolio Preparation I
BI 107 BIO* E105 Introduction to Biology
BI 121 BIO* E121 General Biology I
BI 122 BIO* E122 General Biology II
BI 203 BIO* E235 Microbiology
BI 212 BIO* E211 Anatomy & Physiology I
BI 213 BIO* E212 Anatomy & Physiology II
BOT 102 BOT* E111 Keyboarding for Information Processing I
BOT 103 BOT* E112 Keyboarding for Information Processing II
BOT 120 BOT* E137 Word Processing Applications
BOT 205 BOT* E260 Administrative Management
BOT 212 BOT* E251 Administrative Procedures
BOT 218 BOT* E215 Word Processing Applications II
BOT 220 BOT* E217 Desktop Publishing
BU 101 or ECN* E130 BBG* E102 Personal Financial Wealth
BU 103 BES* E118 Small Business Management
BU 104 BMK* E106 Principles of Selling
BU 110 BBG* E101 Introduction to Business
BU 111 BMK* E201 Principles of Marketing
BU 113 BMK* E103 Principles of Retailing
BU 114 BMK* E123 Principles of Customer Service
BU 120 BMK* E241 Principles of Advertising
BU 125 BFN* E125 Principles of Banking
BU 140 BBG* E215 Global Business
BU 206 BBG* E240 Business Ethics
BU 207 BMG* E203 Leadership
BU 208 BMG* E220 Human Resources Management
BU 209 BMG* E202 Principles of Management
BU 211 BBG* E210 Business Communication
BU 215 BFN* E201 Principles of Finance
BU 216 BES* E218 Entrepreneurship
BU 221 BBG* E231 Business Law I
BU 222 BBG* E232 Business Law II
BU 223 BFN* E203 Investment Principles (Spring only)
BU 225 BBG* E299 Independent Study in Business
BU 226 BMG* E226 Negotiation
BU 227, ECN*E250 BFN* E211 Money & Banking (Fall only)
BU 231 BBG* E295 CO-OP Work Experience I
BU 238 BMK* E207 Consumer Behavior
BU 239 BMK* E205 Business to Business Marketing
BU 240 BMK* E214 International Marketing
BU 242 BFN* E235 International Finance
CH 110 CHE* E111 Concepts of Chemistry
CH 121 CHE* E121 General Chemistry I
CH 122 CHE* E122 General Chemistry II
CH 201 CHE* E211 Organic Chemistry I
CH 202 CHE* E212 Organic Chemistry II
CJ 101 CJS* E105 Introduction to Law Enforcement
CJ 103 CJS* E220 Criminal Investigation
CJ 105 CJS* E201 Criminology
CJ 106 CJS* E102 Introduction to Corrections
CJ 107 CJS* E240 Correctional Administration
CJ 108 CJS* E225 Forensic Science
CJ 110 CJS* E203 Juvenile Justice
CJ 111 CJS* E101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 112 CJS* E244 Community-Based Corrections
CJ 201 CJS* E211 Criminal Law I
CJ 203 CJS* E120 Police and the Community
CJ 205 CJS* E250 Police Organization and Administration
CJ 211 CJS* E139 Interviewing and Interrogation
CJ 214 CJS* E295 Contemporary Issues in Forensic Science
CJ 215 CJS* E213 Evidence and Criminal Procedure
CJ 216 CJS* E251 Police Management Seminar
CJ 218 CJS* E221 Arson Investigation
CJ 220 CJS* E290 Practicum in Criminal Justice
CJ 223 CJS* E294 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ 224 CJS* E280 Victimology
CJ 226 CJS* E222 Computer Investigation Techniques
CM 101 COM* E101 Introduction to Mass Communications
CM 116 COM* E116 Publications Workshop I
CM 201 COM* E173 Public Speaking
CM 202 COM* E201 Introduction to Public Relations
CM 206 COM* E222 Basic News Writing
CM 207 COM* E223 Feature and Magazine Writing
CM 217 COM* E216 Publications Workshop II
CO 203 and CO 204 POL* E295 Political Science Internship
CS 105 CSA* E106 Introduction to Computer Applications
CS 107 CSC* E106 Structured Programming
CS 108 CSC* E107 Structured Programming II
CS 109 CST* E150 Web Design and Development I
CS 110 CST* E144 Introduction to Electronics
CS 111 CSC* E205 Visual Basic I
CS 118 CSA* E220 Web Graphics
CS 130 CST* E145 Digital Circuits and Logic (Fall only)
CS 135 CST* E141 Computer Hardware
CS 200 CSC* E240 Data Structures
CS 203 (CSA* E135) BOT* E216 Spreadsheet Applications
CS 204 CST* E250 Web Design and Development II
CS 205 or CSA* E145 BOT* E218 Database Management
CS 206 CST* E231 Data Communications & Networks (Fall only)
CS 213 CSC* E210 C Programming
CS 216 CSC* E223 JAVA Programming I
CS 218 CSC* E208 Advanced Visual Basic
CS 240 CST* E184 Network Administration I
CS 241 CST* E185 Network Administration II
CS 252 CST* E258 Fundamentals of Internet Programming
DS 010 ENG* E003 Foundations of Reading
DS 011 ENG* E073 Academic Reading
DS 050 ENG* E013 Writing Foundations of English
DS 091 MAT* E075 Prealgebra
DS 095 MAT* E095 Elementary Algebra Foundations
EC 100 ECN* E170 Economic Geography
EC 101 ECN* E180 History of Economic Thought
EC 203 ECN* E102 Principles of Micro-Economics
EC 204 ECN* E101 Principles of Macro-Economics
ECE 101 ECE* E101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE 103, ECE 104 ECE* E210 Observation, Participation and Seminar
ECE 105 ECE* E215 The Exceptional Learner
ECE 106 ECE* E106 Music & Movement for Children
ECE 110 ECE* E141 Infant/Toddler Growth & Development
ECE 130 ECE* E180 CDA Credential Preparation
ECE 190 ECE* E190 ECE Behavior Management
ECE 200 ECE* E216 Methods & Techniques in Special Education
ECE 201 ECE* E222 Methods & Techniques in ECE
ECE 205, ECE 206 ECE* E295 Student Teaching Practicum
ECE 207 ECE* E207 Natural Science and Safety for Children
ECE 208 ECE* E231 Early Language and Literacy Development
ECE 210 ECE* E206 Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs
ECE 212 ECE* E212 Administrative Leadership in Early Childhood Programs
ECE 241 ECE* E241 Methods and Techniques for Infants and Toddlers
ECE 275 ECE* E275 Child, Family, and School Relations
EN 100R ENG* E043 Writing: Paragraph to Essay
EN 101 ENG* E101 Composition
EN 102 ENG* E102 Literature & Composition
EN 200 ENG* E298 Special Topics in English
EN 201 ENG* E231 British Literature I
EN 202 ENG* E232 British Literature II
EN 205 ENG* E221 American Literature I
EN 206 ENG* E222 American Literature II
EN 207 ENG* E241 World Literature I
EN 208 ENG* E242 World Literature II
EN 211 ENG* E281 Creative Writing
EN 217 ENG* E233 Shakespeare
EN 219 ENG* E278 Contemporary Literature
ESL 015 ESL* E015 Grammar I
ESL 091 ESL* E010 Combined Skills I
ESL 092 ESL* E020 Combined Skills II
ESL 111 ESL* E130 Combined Skills III
ESL 112 ESL* E140 Combined Skills IV
ESL 115 ESL* E147 Oral Communications IV
ESL 121 ESL* E150 Combined Skills V
ESL 122 ESL* E160 Combined Skills VI
ESL 125 ESL* E167 Oral Communications VI
ESL 135 ESL* E135 Grammar III
ESL 155 ESL* E155 Grammar V
FR 101 FRE* E101 Elementary French I
FR 102 FRE* E102 Elementary French II
FR 103 FRE* E201 Intermediate French I
FR 104 FRE* E202 Intermediate French II
FR 225 FRE* E299 Independent Study in French
GH 101 GEO* E111 World Regional Geography
GO 101 POL* E111 Introduction to American Government
GO 111 POL* E191 Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure I
GO 112 POL* E192 Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure II
GO 113 POL* E193 Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure III
GO 114 POL* E194 Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure IV
GO 115 POL* E102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
GO 116 POL* E101 Introduction to Political Science
HE 101 BIO* E111 Introduction to Nutrition
HI 103 HIS* E101 Western Civilization I
HI 104 HIS* E102 Western Civilization II
HI 201 HIS* E201 U.S. History I
HI 202 HIS* E202 U.S. History II
HI 210 HIS* E211 History of Connecticut
HS 101 HSE* E101 Introduction to Human Services
HS 103 HSE* E170 Introduction to Gerontology
HS 104 HSE* E134 Introduction to Mental Health
HS 105 HSE* E141 Addiction and Mental Illness in Behavioral Health Care
HS 107 HSE* E114 Advocacy in Human Services
HS 111 HSE* E202 Introduction to Counseling/Interviewing
HS 151 HSE* E121 Strategies for Developing Capable Children and Youth
HS 161 HSE* E161 Disabilities Across the Lifespan
HS 201 HSE* E210 Group and Interpersonal Relations
HS 202 HSE* E244 Managing Human Services
HS 203 HSE* E243 Human Services Skills and Methods
HS 204 HSE* E291 Human Services Internship I
HS 205 HSE* E292 Human Services Internship II
HS 206 HSE* E235 Professional & Ethical Issues in Human Services
HS 208 HSE* E206 Correctional Counseling
HS 210 HSE* E139 Topics in Mental Health
HS 212 HSE* E287 Practicum in Mental Health
HS 213 HSE* E147 Change Theory and Strategies in Behavioral Health Care
HS 214 HSE* E286 Practicum in Behavioral Health Care
HS 225 HSE* E198 Special Problems in the Human Services
HS 251 HSE* E222 Emotional Disorders in Children and Youth
HS 252 HSE* E285 Practicum in Children and Youth Mental Health
HS 261 HSE* E261 Community Support Skills for Persons with Disabilities
HS 262 HSE* E262 Positive Behavioral Supports for Persons with Disabilities
HS 263 HSE* E266 Professional and Ethical Issues in Disability Services
HS 264 HSE* E280 Practicum in Disability Services
HU 200 PHL* E101 Introduction to Philosophy
HU 225 HUM* E299 Independent Study in Humanities
IT 101 ITA* E101 Elementary Italian I
IT 102 ITA* E102 Elementary Italian II
IT 225 ITA* E299 Independent Study in Italian
LT 101 LAT* E101 Elementary Latin I (Distance Learning)
MA 103 MAT* E103 Mathematics of Finance
MA 104 MAT* E167 Principles of Statistics
MA 115 MAT* E137 Intermediate Algebra
MA 130 MAT* E186 Precalculus
MA 201 MAT* E254 Calculus I
MA 202 MAT* E256 Calculus II
MA 203 MAT* E268 Calculus III: Multivariable
MA 204 MAT* E285 Differential Equations
MA 225 MAT* E298 Special Topics in Mathematics
MFT* E105 CAD* E133 CAD Mechanical AutoCad
MFT* E110 MFG* E102 Manufacturing Processes
MFT* E130 MFG* E230 Statistical Process Control (SPC)
MFT* E200 MFG* E209 Engineering Processes
MFT* E210 MFG* E120 Metrology
MFT* E220 MFG* E226 Environmental, Safety, and Health Management
MFT* E240 MFG* E258 Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
MU 101 MUS* E101 Music History and Appreciation I
MU 105 MUS* E137 History & Appreciation of Jazz
MU 107 MUS* E115 Music Theory I
MU 120 MUS* E139 Latin and Caribbean Music
NS 225 SCI* E225 Special Problems in the Natural Sciences
OTA 101 OTA* E115 Occupational Therapy Assistant I
OTA 102 OTA* E123 Occupational Therapy Assistant II
OTA 107 OTA* E113 Task Analysis
OTA 109 OTA* E125 Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy
OTA 110 OTA* E111 Foundations of Occupational Therapy
OTA 201 OTA* E213 Occupational Therapy Assistant III
OTA 202 OTA* E217 Case Studies in Occupational Therapy
OTA 211 OTA* E219 Occupational Therapy Assistant Seminar
OTA 212 OTA* E231 Clinical Practicum - Level IIA
OTA 214 OTA* E233 Clinical Practicum - Level IIB
OTA 215 OTA* E127 Occupation in Treatments
OTA 216 OTA* E121 Kinesiology
OTA 217 OTA* E221 Professional Preparation
PH 101 PHY* E121 General Physics I
PH 102 PHY* E122 General Physics II
PH 205 PHY* E221 Calculus-Based Physics I
PH 206 PHY* E222 Calculus-Based Physics II
PY 101 PSY* E111 General Psychology I
PY 102 PSY* E112 General Psychology II
PY 205 PSY* E202 Child Psychology & Development
PY 206 PSY* E205 Adolescent Development
PY 208 PSY* E140 Psychology of Addiction
PY 210 PSY* E245 Abnormal Psychology
PY 211 PSY* E208 The Psychology of Adult Development & Aging
PY 213 PSY* E247 Industrial & Organizational Psychology
PY 215 PSY* E240 Social Psychology
PY 216 PSY* E243 Theories of Personality
PY 217 PSY* E217 Psychology of Criminal Behavior
SO 101 SOC* E101 Principles of Sociology
SO 200, ST 225 SOC* E298 Special Topics in Sociology
SO 202 SOC* E201 Contemporary Social Issues
SO 203 SOC* E230 The City
SO 206 SOC* E210 Sociology of the Family
SO 207 SOC* E261 School and Community
SO 208 SOC* E213 Human Sexuality
SO 210 SOC* E212 Sociology of Women
SO 211 SOC* E220 Racial and Ethnic Diversity
SO 212 SOC* E222 The African American Experience
SO 213 SOC* E223 The Puerto Rican Experience
SO 214 SOC* E271 Religion, Society, and the Individual
SO 215 SOC* E214 Sociology of Crime and Punishment
SP 101 SPA* E101 Elementary Spanish I
SP 102 SPA* E102 Elementary Spanish II
SP 103 SPA* E201 Intermediate Spanish I
SP 104 SPA* E202 Intermediate Spanish II
SP 201 SPA* E251 Advanced Spanish I
SP 202 SPA* E252 Advanced Spanish II
SP 225 SPA* E299 Independent Study in Spanish
THA 101 THR* E101 Introduction to Theater
THA 105 THR* E102 Theater History (Fall only)
THA 107 THR* E112 Voice and Diction (Fall only)
THA 108 THR* E120 Stagecraft (Spring Only)
THA 109 THR* E110 Acting I (Fall only)
THA 115 THR* E114 Modern Dance
THA 209 THR* E210 Acting II (Spring only)
THA 214 THR* E225 Directing (Spring only)



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Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses

Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses

Any Housatonic Community College course may require substantial computer based learning including use of the Internet, e-text books, instructional software, Blackboard, research data bases, online assignments, etc., for the completion of class assignments, homework, research and assessments.

Computer- based learning experiences may be used in place of or in addition to traditional lectures for some lessons. All students have access to computer laboratories in both Beacon Hall and Lafayette Hall. Computer access is also available in the college library.

Adopted by the Housatonic Community College Academic Council, February 2014

Course Elective Codes

All degree and certificate programs require various courses that must be completed to meet graduation requirements. Many programs include elective courses in addition to specific courses.

The following codes are used to help you and your advisor determine which elective the course will satisfy. In addition to the codes indicated, all courses with course numbers at the 100 and 200 level (HSE* E101, as example) qualify as open electives. You are advised to pay special attention to program footnotes when selecting your electives.

Elective Codes:

Business elective
BS  Behavioral Science elective
C Computer Literacy (satisfies requirement)
CS Computer Science Elective
Fine Arts elective
Humanities elective
Mathematics elective
Science elective
SS  Social Science elective
Open Elective  All courses numbered 100 or higher