Financial Aid Application Help

Must I apply each year?

Eligibility for federal student aid does not carry over from one award year to the next. Therefore, you must reapply for aid each award year by completing and submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

For help completing your FAFSA, please view the three FAFSA Videos or call 1-800-433-3243.

FAFSA is the main application that we use to determine your financial aid eligibility. For help completing your FAFSA application virtually, you can contact:

DeShayla Shelley, Assistant Director at CONNTAC, Inc.
To set up a virtual appointment, call 203-857-7109 or email .

Holly Franquet, Director, ECMC The College Place
To schedule an appointment, please click here or email .

FAFSA Checklist

**FSA ID for student and/or parent MUST be obtained prior to workshop date by visiting

Student Information:

  • FSA ID or Valid E-mail address
  • Social security number
  • If you ARE NOT a U.S. Citizen but an eligible non-citizen Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) or Alien Number
  • Driver's license number (if you have one)
  • Current savings, investment, and business Information (if any)
  • Most recent Federal Tax Returns & W2's
  • ***You are considered a Dependent Student and will need to provide parent's information if you are younger than 24, not married, have no children, never been in foster care or a ward of the court***

Parent's Information (If Applicable): (This checklist also applies to step-parents)

  • FSA ID or Valid E-mail address for at least one parent
  • Social security number
  • Date of Birth: Month/Day/Year
  • Month/Year: Married/Remarried, Separated, Divorced, or became widowed (If Applicable)
  • Current savings, investment, and business Information (if any)
  • Recent Federal Tax Returns & W2's

Getting Your IRS Transcript

  • To obtain a copy of your Federal Tax transcript and W2 forms online, go to the IRS website at
  • To obtain a copy by phone, contact the IRS at (844) 545-5640 and follow the voice prompt.
  • To obtain a copy by mail, mail the IRS form 4506-T (or form 4506-T-EZ) to, or request a copy in person at, 915 Lafayette Blvd., Bridgeport, CT 06604. IRS forms are also available online at
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