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HCC Foundation Scholarships

The Housatonic Community College Foundation is committed to the education of all its students. To this end, financial assistance is available for tuition and fees for academic achievement or financial aid as determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors. The HCC Foundation Scholarship Office is located in Beacon Hall, room 281.


The deadline for the Winter application is on Wednesday, 10/27/2021 before 10:00:00 AM – No Exceptions


The deadline for the Spring application is on Wednesday, 12/01/2021 before 10:00:00 AM – No Exceptions

It is the student's responsibility to ensure the letter of recommendation is submitted and that the application is complete before the deadline date. This is required in order for your application to be reviewed.
HCCF Scholarship Applications

HCC Foundation Inc. - Scholarship Information:

With the HCC Foundation Inc. Scholarship Application, you apply for all scholarships with ONE on line application! For your convenience, there are several fields on your application that may be pre-filled from Banner. It is important that the college has up-to-date information in Banner. All communication will be sent to your HCC e-mail address. (Check your college junk/spam folder as well) All instructions are written in detail throughout the application. (Please read everything.)


  • Valid HCC ID and HCC student email address are required
  • If applicable: First apply for financial aid for the current/latest academic year (every year)
  • Apply if you are: Paying out of pocket, International, Undocumented, or receive little or no financial aid
  • New, existing, full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply
  • Students taking credit, non-credit, certificate courses and Continuing Ed programs may apply
  • 2.3 GPA Minimum required (If you don’t meet the min, make your case in your essay)
  • Transcripts needed for new or 1st semester students ONLY - upload your latest/last high school or college transcripts if applicable
  • Latest Tax forms required - upload parents, guardian(s), & yours (No taxes? instructions in Tax Section)
  • Essay required - Answer: "Why do you need/deserve a scholarship?" (600 words max - instructions in Essay Section)
  • One Letter of Recommendation required - (Who can recommend you? instructions in Recommendation Section)
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure recommender submits letter is submitted (double check recommender email address)
  • Students should be in good academic and financial standing with the college.
  • It is the student's responsibility to complete and submit their application before the deadline date.
  • All deadline dates are final - No exceptions
  • All instructions are written in detail throughout the application. (Please read everything.)
  • There are four scholarship opportunities per year. Apply before each semester/find out if you are awarded before the first day of class.
  • HCCF Scholarship Awards covers: Tuition, College Services Fees and College Activities Fees for the number of credits noted in Award emails.
  • Awards are for HCC Classes - Scholarships are non-transferable to other semesters, people, or colleges (if not used, scholarship is invalid
  • HCCF scholarships do Not cover online supplemental fees/key codes/lab/program/late fees/tools/supplies/materials or other items & fees etc.
  • HCCF scholarships do not cover online, supplemental, or items such as key codes, lab/program/late fees, tools, supplies or materials etc.
  • Committee members may contact the recommenders if they have any questions/checking for validity
  • Students will be contacted via their HCC college email if they are awarded a scholarship before the start if class
  • Students who can receive 100% funding for classes through FAFSA, Pell Grant, or other HCC Grants, Do Not qualify for scholarships.
  • Students with 70 credits or more, or a recent US college degree are ineligible for scholarships (Associates, Bachelors, or Masters).

These are need-based scholarships – The committee reviews submitted applications - All decisions are final. If you don’t feel you qualify, apply anyway, make your case, or email @edu with questions

Important College Email Policy


HCC requires students to use their HCC email for college business. When completing college forms and emailing college faculty and staff, you are REQUIRED to use your college email: Learn more here.

Financial Aid:


These are need-based scholarships. Contact the Financial Aid office to confirm the status of your F/A. All US citizens are required to apply for FAFSA first Suggestion: Email the HCC Financial Aid department to see if you have enough financial aid for the upcoming semester at: (if you cannot apply for FAFSA, note why in the scholarship application)

HCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships

  • Allison Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Lillian M. Andersen Award
  • Ronald Andreoli Scholarship
  • The Bryant Family Scholarship
  • Carstensen Memorial Foundation Scholarship
  • Burt Chernow Award
  • Kim Thibodeau Chiaraluce Scholarship
  • Connecticut Women’s Forum Scholarship Fund
  • The Delaney Memorial Foundation
  • Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Scholarship
  • Paul Doane Scholarship
  • Paul Doane Memorial Scholarship
  • Marguerite Sullivan Dunigan Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Eady Book Fund Award
  • HCC’s Family Economic Security Program (FESP)
  • Martha Flint Academic Dean’s Prize
  • Dr. Joyce Gerber Early Childhood Education Award
  • Thomas George Award
  • The Gene Haas Scholarship
  • Dr. Janis M. Hadley Scholarship Fund
  • Mildred J. Klebe Award
  • Klein Family Foundation Fund
  • President Edward J. Liston Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Lombardi Doane Honors Project Award
  • Jane Mahoney Memorial Award
  • Manufacturing Association of Southern CT Inc.
  • The Mellen Foundation Scholarship
  • The Mercy Learning Center
  • “Mothers Advantage” Scholarship
  • Near and Far Aid Scholarship
  • Betty Mackey Mentorship Award
  • Elizabeth M. Pfriem Scholarship
  • Reynolds + Rowella Scholarship Fund
  • Victor Swain Award
  • David Susskind Award
  • Karen D. Torres Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ernest & Joan Trefz Foundation Scholarship
  • Dale Ward Award
  • Peter Ulisse Literature Award
  • Shirley Zajdel Award

*Apply for the Manufacturing scholarships in the Advance Manufacturing Program office. Contact Felisha Guirand at 203-332-5975, C107 in Lafayette Hall.

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Carla Mackintosh
Scholarship and Operations Manager
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Phone: 203.332.5038

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