Counseling & Wellness Center Staff

Counseling and Wellness Center Staff

Counseling & Wellness Center Phone Number: 203-332-5285

Lisa Slade, Director of Counseling and Wellness
Room LH-B229, 203-332-5017

Indira Reddy, Counselor
Room LH-B232, 203-332-5039

Accessibility Services

Marilyn Wehr: Accessibility Services Coordinator | Counselor
Room LH L115B, 203-332-5018

Optimus Behavioral Health

Annette Tirado: Walk-in & Appointments on Thursdays 8AM-4PM
Room LH L117, 203-332-8537

Campus Emergency? Call Public Safety.

Lafayette Hall Room LH A105 and Beacon Hall Room BH 110
Phone: 203-332-5025 or Press ** (star key twice)

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