Tips and Perspectives from an Entrepreneur

Tips and Perspectives from an Entrepreneur

Learn about entrepreneurship from a creative, passionate entrepreneur. This local entrepreneur owns several businesses and has learned valuable lessons; listen to pitfalls and successes.

Marketing, Promotion, Product Placement - the strategy, techniques, and communications employed to market your business, services, and products to your targeted audience. The course examines these areas with the four P's to be successful with product promotion, distribution, and marketing a business.

The course demonstrates how advertising, promotion, and marketing are created and the impact on the creative and business operations of various companies.  

Instructor: Morise Stanley


Dates 04/18/23 - 05/11/23


  • Days: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Class Times: 12pm - 2pm
  • CRN: 2782
  • Tuition: $105
  • Room: BH 357
  • Instructor: Morice Stanley
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