Introduction to Hydroponics

Introduction to Hydroponics

This is an Introduction to Hydroponics and will provide an overview to agriculture through the use of hydroponics and an overarching financial construct to building a small-scale agriculture-based business. This course will cover the below concepts of:

·         History of Hydroponics

·         Overview of Controlled Environments 

·         System Types

·         Growth Cycle

·         Food Sustainability and Year-Long Growing

·         Plant Production – Growth of Microgreens, Leafy Green, Herbs and Vine Crops

·         Pest Control, Disease Management and Equipment

·         Harvesting

·         Profit and Loss Management (Operational Cost – Energy, Water, Supplies and Resources)


Dates 03/04/23 - 04/22/23


  • Days: Saturday
  • Class Times: 9:30am - 12:00pm
  • CRN: 2810
  • Tuition: $20
  • Room: LH C286
  • Instructor: Matt Turner
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