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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

From hurricanes and blizzards to cyber attacks and hard drive failures, businesses are increasing at risk from natural and manmade disasters that threaten their ability to survive and recover from incidents. In this course we’ll discuss the differences between disaster recovery and business continuity. We’ll cover the basics of creating, implementing and testing both disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Students will participate in tabletop exercises and will develop templates that can be used to create their own plans for their own organizations. Participants will gain an understanding of types of disasters, and the differences between disaster recovery and business continuity. Students will also learn about recovery techniques and what steps to take to ensure that a business can survive. Students will participate in a tabletop exercise that will simulate the steps to take when an incident occurs. Target audience is IT staff that are responsible for maintaining systems or line of business staff that utilizes any form of technology. Handouts will be provided and templates and documents will be available online.
Dates 04/24/24 - 04/25/24


  • Days: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Class Times: 6:30pm-9:30pm
  • CRN: 81523
  • Tuition: $100
  • Room: Online (LRON)
  • Instructor: N. Bowen