Classes Offering SI

Spring 2018 SI Class Offerings


Spring 2018 - Classes offering SI
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First Year Studies Department

ENG092/092I Introduction to College Reading
ENG094/094I Introduction to College Writing
ESL015 Grammar I
ESL020 Combined Skills II
MAT095/095I Elementary Algebra Foundations

Business Department

CSA 105 Introduction to Software Applications
ACC 113 – Principles of Financial Accounting
BFN 201 Principles of Finance
CSC 105 Programming Logic

Mathematics / Science Department

MAT 137 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 167 Principles of Statistics
MAT 172 College Algebra
CHE 111 Concepts of Chemistry
CHE 121 General Chemistry I
CHE 122 General Chemistry II
Physics E221

Behavioral / Social Sciences Department

ECE 210 Observation Participation and Seminar
ECE 231 Early Language and Literary Development
PSY 111 General Psychology 1
Early Childhood Education 210


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