Student Support

Student Support

Housatonic Community College offers a wide range of support resources and services for registered students.These include an ESL program for non-native speakers of English; Language Labs, two multimedia learning lab systems in Beacon Hall that provide practice space for students taking courses in a wide variety of languages.

Online support is also available in a range of tutorials on Black Board Learn, the learning management system that provides students with 24/7 access to course materials, grades, activities and assessments. During the semester scheduled workshops on Black Board Learn are also available to students.

Independent Study: Outstanding students may choose to study a particular topic or set of topics independent of regularly scheduled classes, under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. The faculty member determines if the student is qualified to undertake the project and provides guidance to the student. The project must be of an advanced nature and cannot duplicate an existing Housatonic course. Registration for Independent Study must be done before the beginning of the semester in which the Independent Study course begun, a written study outline or contract must be submitted by the student and approved in writing by the faculty member supervising the project, the department head and the Academic Dean. Full tuition and fees are charged for Independent Study courses.


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