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Diversity Awareness Committee

Appreciating diversity means acknowledging that people think, act, interact, and learn differently. The Diversity Awareness Committee (DAC) promotes valuing the impact those differences have on our community. These differences stem from factors such as socio-economic status, language, personal beliefs, political views, age, race, color, religious creed, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital status, gender identity, etc.

As a group of dedicated faculty, staff and students, we draw from the remarkably broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences of Housatonic's community members, as well as that of the Greater Bridgeport Community, to contribute to the academic, professional and cultural life of the campus.

In addition, the DAC helps to develop standards by which to measure diversity appreciation and awareness, sponsors diversity workshops that address topics such as classroom dynamics, bullying and religious tolerance. It partners with other campus committees and groups to enhance programming.

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Campus Diversity Resources

Diversity Awareness Links

  • PFLAG National
      The nation's largest family and ally organization
      Resource for finding local LGBT support
  • LGBT rights by country or territory      Wikipedia article about current, varying LGBT rights and laws by country or territory.
  • Human Rights Campaign
      Largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group in the US.
  • HRC International
      International section of HRC’s website which focuses on LGBT issues around the world, not only here in the US.
  • It Gets Better
      “The It Gets Better Project’s mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual   and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes need to make it better for them.”
  • GLBT National Help Center
      Provides support, community connections, and resource information to people with questions regarding sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  • The Bilerico Project
      Intelligent political and cultural commentary on LGBT issues.
  • The Advocate
      A leading gay news source, operated by Here Media, which oversees other leading LGBT resources, like Out Magazine and
  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Girls In Tech

Girls in Tech

Please check back for announcements about our next Girls in Tech Annual Expo.

Where Girls Can Explore the Career Path of Technology

  • Experience hands-on activities
  • Learn about important women past & present
  • Meet professionals in the field
  • Workshops, exhibit booths , and guest speakers

“STEAM disciplines are essential to the new economy” Harvey White, STEAM 2010

“Although there is a long history of the interaction of the sciences with the arts, STEAM is a new acronym that has emerged over the last decade and has a multitude of definitions and approaches. Some of the main themes of STEAM are fostering innovation, the need for twenty-first century skills, and divergent and convergent thinking.” (The STEAM Journal)

What is STEAM?

The critical thinking skills and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) are fundamental to the current and future workforce. STEAM is the newest approach in connecting national STEM initiatives with art. STEM + Art = STEAM. (


Job opportunities in STEAM are consistently on the rise and in order to succeed in these STEAM areas students are required to have a strong and innovative foundation.

Why Housatonic?

Students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) can find over 40 associate degree and certificate opportunities at Housatonic Community College.

Robin Avant
Assistant Professor of Biology/Molecular Biology/STEAM coordinator

Stella Litwinowicz
Instructor of Engineering and Math

Janet Yarrow
Lecturer of Nutrition/Anatomy and Physiology

Janice Schaeffler
Director of Institutional Research

Donna Rhoads
Instructor of Biology/Microbiology

Kimberly Wood
Recruitment and Retention Associate for Manufacturing

Sandra Barnes
Professor of Microbiology<

Marina Philips
Assistant Professor of Math

Robbin Zella
Director of Museum of Art

Rachel Cain
Lecturer of Biology

Catherine Velaz
Research Assistant

Karen Vo
Research Assistant

Andrea MacNow
Grant Development Specialist

William T. Brown
Acting Dean of Academic Affairs


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