Self-Paced Studies

Through the Developmental Studies department, the college offers students the opportunity to take courses in both English and Mathematics in a self-paced, computer-based format during regular classroom meetings and through individualized instruction. Classes labeled "Self-Paced" are listed in the Housatonic online schedule each semester.

Self-Paced courses are designed for self-motivated students who are interested in pursuing course work using computers. These students may want a faster way to progress through their courses; alternatively, these students may prefer spending more time mastering the class material and want to move at a slower pace than a traditional class.

Students in Self-Paced Studies courses are required to attend every class to make progress. To complete the course, students must demonstrate proficiency on each assignment and test. Instructors and tutors help explain course material, answer questions, and assist with assignments. Students have access to their course materials through the Internet and in the college’s computer labs as well as through the Center for Academic Progress, available during both day and evening hours.

Located in Lafayette Hall in Room LH-A227, the Center for Academic Progress (CAP) assists students enrolled in a self-paced course; students do not need an appointment. Tutoring is available for foundational-level mathematics and English skills and for self-paced ENG 094 and MAT 095 courses.

For further information about self-paced courses, contact Professor Rebecca Samberg, Chairperson for Developmental Studies, by email at or by telephone at 203-332-5153. For further information about the Center for Academic Progress, contact Marianne Tecun, Director of the Center for Academic Progress, by email at or by telephone at 203-332-5139.

Students in Self-Paced Studies may use the computer labs and receive course work assistance in the Center for Academic Progress (CAP), Room LH-A227, Lafayette Hall. Computer lab hours are posted each semester at the lab and are available on the HCC website at


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