Online and Hybrid Courses

Online Courses

Online courses incorporate various technological components. All online courses contain the essential resources such as course outline, syllabus, reading and written assignments, quizzes and/or tests including any additional resources deemed necessary to assist learners with the subject matter. Online courses are accompanied by a textbook or e-book, and interactive learning activities. A learner will interact with faculty and other students either through discussion boards, blogs, journals, email, group collaborative assignments and/or synchronized learning (live chat), and audio or video technology. The online courses are accessible through the use of a home computer or any other supported technological hardware that provides Internet access. These courses are identified in the course schedule with the ONLN coding.

If you think you might be interested in taking an online course but aren't sure, take the self-assessment at to help you decide whether online learning is right for you. Students should review the system technical computer requirements to ensure that they have the correct equipment for a successful online educational experience.

Online Environment Resources/Student Workshops

As a student at Housatonic Community College, you may find that many of your instructors utilize Blackboard. Through the use of Blackboard students now have course materials available online.

For additional information and sample course/workshops you may go to the following URL:

The interactive tutorials will help you learn how to use the online tools that Blackboard provides to enhance learning and communication.

Accessing an Online Course

HCC's hybrid and online classes use the Blackboard course management system. You must be registered in a class before you will be able to log in.

Please go to the, login and select the Blackboard icon. You can log in to myCommnet using the 8 digits of your NetID* and your chosen password.

If you have never signed on before please follow the directions found at

* What is my NetID?

If your Banner ID is: @01234567

Then your NetID will be:  (and your chosen password)

ONCLR – Online courses with campus requirement

Some online courses may require a student to come to the campus to complete an exam (final, midterm). These courses are identified in the course schedule with the OLCR coding.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid Courses combine online work with regular on-campus class meetings, but do not have as many on-campus class meetings as the typical on-campus course. Hybrid classes typically require that 50% of the coursework take place in a classroom with a set schedule; the other 50% of the coursework is online using Blackboard.These courses are identified in the course schedule with the HYBR coding.

Hybrid Course Schedule

The online Class Schedule indicates where and when your hybrid class will meet. The instructors will explain procedures for online course work during the first class meeting. All hybrid courses meet in the classroom on the FIRST scheduled class day.

In both online courses and hybrid courses, students should expect an amount of work equivalent to what would be required in any college level course. Taking an online or hybrid course gives students greater flexibility in scheduling their time, however, online requirements will be as time-consuming and demanding as traditional courses offered on campus.