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A Month of Poetry and Activities

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April is National Poetry Month, and this year, the Writing Center (Karyn Smith), Library (Jennifer Lutris), and Literature Club (Mark Lamoureux) have teamed up to bring you a month of poetry events and activities!

  • Daily poetry writing prompts posted on Twitter and Facebook
    Each day, we will be cross-posting a writing prompt on the Writing Center (see above), Library, and Literature Club sites (follow along on any or all of these pages!). Use these prompts to generate your own poems and, if you like what you do, post your own in the comments thread of the prompt or submit it to Images magazine () for publishing on the blog or in their print magazine at the end of the semester! We’d love to get not only students, but faculty and staff writing and sharing their work!
  • April 3 – 6: Whiteboard Poetry in the Writing Center (LH 152). Today: Come play Exquisite Corpse with us! (New games and exercises throughout the week!)
  • April 9 – 13: Spine Poetry in the Library
  • April 16 – 20: Illustrating Poetry in the Library
  • April 17: Visual Poetry in the Beacon Hall Atrium from 2:00 – 5:00
  • April 24: Erasure Poetry in the Library from 2:00 – 5:00
  • April 25: Poetry Walk in the HCC Courtyard
  • April 26: Poem in Your Pocket Day
  • And more!

All of these events are drop-in. Join us and write for just a few minutes, or more if your schedule allows. Studies show that writing poetry is also a great way to relieve that end-of-semester stress!