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Academic Advising Center

Office: LH- A108, Phone: 203-332-5097, Email:

Academic Dean

Office: LH- A204, Phone: 203-332-5060, Email:

Academic Support Center

Office: LH- B118, Phone: 203-332-5139, Email:

Admissions Department

Office: LH- B109, Phone: 203-332-5100, Email:

Affirmative Action

Office: LH- A203, Phone: 203-332-5013, Email:

Alumni and Friends

Office: BH-341, Phone: 203-332-8507, Email:

Bookstore (See Web Site)

Office: Beacon Hall

Bursar's Office

Office: LH- A104, Phone: 203-332-5008, Email:

Career Services

Office: BH-272, Phone: 203-332-5983, Email:

Community Outreach

Office: BH- 278, Phone: 203-332-8531, Email:

Computer Services

Office: LH-A115, Phone: 203-332-5034, Email:

Continuing Education

Office: BH- 274, Phone: 203-332-5057, Email:

Counseling Center

Office: LH-A108, Phone: 203-332-5097, Email:

Dean of Students

Office: LH- A110, Phone: 203-332-5184, Email:

Disability Support Services

Office: LH- B116b, Phone: 203-332-5018, Email:

Distance Learning/ Educational Technology

Office: BH- 272a, Phone: 203-332-5068, Email:

Early Childhood Laboratory School

Office: LH- B137, Phone: 203-332-5030, Email:

Evening Division (Academics)

Office: BH- 116, Phone: 203-332-5208

Facility Use Inquiries

Office: BH-274, Phone: 203-332-5973, Email:

Financial Aid Office

Office: LH- A102, Phone: 203-332-5047, Email:

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