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Moore, Hayes

Machining Lab Assistant,

Morales, Letizia

Instructor of Medical Assisting, Coordinator of Medical Assisting, , 203-332-8515, Office LH-C220

Moran, Gus

Lecturer in Painting, Art,

Moss, Jenna

Institutional Advancement Associate, , 203-332-5293, Office LH-B127

Mulero, Wanda

Enrollment Services Assistant, , 203-332-5236, Office LH-A106

Mulvihill, Alese

Grant Coordinator, FORWARD Program, , 203-332-8508, Office BH-335

Murati, Mirjeta

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5037, Office LH-A102

Nakouzi, Elie

Lecturer in Biology,

Nanni, Heather

Lecturer in Developmental Studies,

Nashel, Tracey

Lecturer in English,

Nelson, Robert

Associate Professor of Developmental English, , 203-332-8545, Office LH-A211

Nettle, Jeffrey

Lecturer in Psychology,

Ngo, Khanh

Accountant, , 203-332-5210, Office LH-A101

Nguyen, Hoa

Accountant, , 203-332-8560, Office LH-A101

Nilan, Gregory

Police Officer, , 203-332-5028, Office LH-A105

Noe, Laurie R., - Chairperson of the Behavioral/Social Sciences Department

Professor of Early Childhood Education, , 203-332-5255, Office BH-257

Nohai-Seaman, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Developmental Math, , 203-332-8554, Office LH-A222

Norton, Lindsey

Counselor, , 203-332-8590, Office LH-A108c

O'Connor, Marietta

Instructor in Developmental Studies - English,

O'Keefe, Erin

Lecturer in Accounting,

O'Sullivan, Mary-Ellen

Instructor in Psychology,

Obeid, Aliss

Tutoring Coordinator, , 203-332-5992, Office LH-B135

Oleynick, Barbara J.

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Oravetz, Teresa

Director of Finance and Administrative Services, , 203-332-5014, Office LH-A104a

Orloski, Steven

Lecturer in Manufacturing,

Ormond, Earl T.

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Ortiz, Jamilet

Associate Professor of Spanish, Spanish Placement Test Coordinator , , 203-332-5141, Office BH 215A

Osborne, Raymond

Lecturer in Criminal Justice,

Owens, Sherman

Maintainer, , 203-332-5027, Office LH-C115

Papacoda, Karen

Child Development Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B137d

Pappantoniou, Antonios, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology, , 203-332-5146, Office LH-C218

Paris, Mary Jane

Lecturer in Business,

Parrett, Marnie

Institutional Research Assistant, FORWARD Program, , 203-332-8510, Office BH-338

Pasierb, Bernard

Lecturer of Business Administration, , 203-332-5118, Office BH-340

Peck, Christine

Lecturer in Psychology,

Pelaggi, Josephine

Administrative Assistant, , 203-332-5085, Office BH-116e

Pelletier, Andrew

Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator, , 203-332-8516, Office LH-A209

Pereira, Jose J.

Lecturer in Biology,

Perez, Gonzalo

Registration Services Assistant, , 203-332-5089, Office LH-B109

Perry, Dean

Lecturer in Biology,

Petitti, Antonio

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Pfeiffer, Francis

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Philips, Marina

Professor of Mathematics, , 203-332-5289, Office LH-B235

Piazza, Dianna

Lecturer in Biology,

Picarello, Carmine

Lecturer in Photography,

Pifko, Patricia A.

Professor Emerita of Mathematics,

Pinto, Andrew

Associate Professor of Art, , 203-332-5173, Office LH-B232

Pirog, Pamela, - Chairperson of the Business Department

Professor of Accounting - , , 203-332-5124, Office BH-347

Pizarro, David

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5011, Office BH-123

Pizarro-Quesada, Lydia

Human Resources Information Systems Assistant, , 203-332-5059, Office LH-A203a

Platt, David

Instructor of Mathematics, , 203 332-5115, Office LH C230

Plumb, Sonia

Lecturer in Theater Art,

Poskus, Amy

Associate Director of Financial Aid, , 203-332-8549, Office LH-A102

Prayzner, Andrew

Lecturer in Art,

Prince, Lisa Anne

Lecturer in English,

Provitz-Rosado, Kathleen

Payroll Officer 1, , 203-332-5204, Office LH-A204

Przygoda, Melitha

Lecturer in Psychology,

Quarles, Valerie

Lecturer in Human Services,

Ratanavong, Susan

Success Coach, , 203-332-5212, Office BH-349

Ravanshad, Farshad

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, , 203-332-5127, Office BH-350

Reddy, Indira, Ed.D.; LCPC; LPC, CT

Counselor, , 203-332-5039, Office LH-A108h

Redmond, Kevin

Instructional Support Specialist (Math), , 203-332-8527, Office LH-A227

Regnier, Winifred

Part-time Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5104, Office BH-146

Rembetsy, Peter

Lecturer in Art,

Remy, Ronald

Part-Time Lecturer,

Rhoads, Donna L., - Instructor of Biology

, 203-332-5106, Office LH-C118

Rice, William

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Richards, Barbara, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology, , 203-332-5164, Office BH-254

Rizzi, Richard

Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics, , 203-332-5283, Office LH-A211

Roche, Maria Stiebel

Professor of English as a Second Language, , 203-332-5149, Office LH-A214

Rochman, Joanne

Lecturer in English,

Rodriguez, Rebecca

Counselor Part-Time Lecturer, , 203-332-5225, Office LH-A108d

Rogers, Donald W.

Lecturer in History,

Roland, Marie

Accountant, , 203-332-5010, Office LH-A101

Romanova, Emma

Instructor in English as a Second Language,

Rondinone, Tonya H.

Associate Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5174, Office BH-254

Rooney, Gary

Buildings & Grounds Lead Patrol Officer, , 203-332-5023, Office BH-110

Rose, Eddie

Associate Professor of Developmental Math, , 203-332-5117, Office LH-A213

Roti, Grant Clifford, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Latin,

Rowe, Larisa

Lecturer in Biology,

Ruskin, Daniel B.

Lecturer in Business,

Russo, Kevin

Lecturer in Business,

Russo, Louis

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Ryan, Eugene

Lecturer in Accounting,

Ryder, Jr., Robert C.

Associate Professor of Pre-Engineering/Physics/Mathematics, , 203-332-5158, Office LH-B234

Rydzik, Meghan

Financial Aid Assistant,

Sabulis, John

Lecturer in Computer Aided Design (CAD),

Samberg, Rebecca, - Chairperson of the Developmental Studies Department

Professor of Developmental English, , 203-332-5153, Office LH-A212

Sanchez, Melanie

Lecturer in Spanish,

Sandor, Mary

Lecturer in Human Services,

Schaeffler, Janice

Director of Institutional Research, , 203-332-5220, Office BH-285

Schickler, Patricia

Lecturer in Developmental Studies, English,

Schissler, Henry

Associate Professor of Sociology, , 203-332-5261, Office BH-252

Scippa, Thomas

Lecturer in Art,

Scobie, George

Assistant Director of CAMI Training,

Segall, Laurence C.

Lecturer in Sociology,

Sepulveda, Noel

Lecturer in Biology,

Seymour, Richard

Instructor in Health Sciences and Biology,

Shapiro, Nanci J.

Lecturer in Art,

Shea, Patricia

Lecturer in Mathematics,

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