Quick Links For On-Campus Services

Transportation Services

Academic Resources

Study Skills

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Community Resources

Lifebridge Behavioral Services and Counseling
Resources for adults, youth and families to provide tools to cope, adapt, and overcome challenges.

ABCD Energy Assistance Programs
Having trouble paying your energy bill? These programs can assist, match, and reduce your bill.

Fresh Connections
Boxes of fruits and vegetables in family-sized portions at extremely low cost.

Optimus Healthcare
Medical and dental care at an affordable rate for low-income individuals.

Southwest Community Health Center
Medical, dental, pediatric and behavioral care at an affordable rate for low-income individuals.

Center for Family Justice
Emergency crisis provider for victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

Women Infants and Children Nutrition Program
Food services for low-income mothers and their children.

Department of Social Services (DSS)
State services for low-income individuals and families, ranging from housing, food, employment and training, medical insurance, veterans, child support, and more.

Career Resources

Occupational Network (ONET)
Career assessments, labor market information, job responsibilities, local salaries, and more.

College Central Network (CCN)
Search for jobs, work-study opportunities, internships both paid and volunteer, and categorize between full-time and part-time positions.

16 Personalities
Meyer’s Briggs personality assessment, guiding what sort of careers would suit your character and interests.


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