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LAUNCH New Student Advising

Launch: New Student Advising sessions are designed to support new students in understanding and navigating Housatonic’s Academic Programs of Study and become familiar with campus resources. Each session students will:

  • Receive advising
  • Build schedules
  • Learn how to navigate on-campus resources
  • Learn the electronic self-service tools
  • Register for courses

Due to federal privacy laws, parents, family and friends are generally NOT permitted to attend the Launch: New Student Advising sessions. During the program, students will be guided by professional counselors and advisors. We encourage students to discuss degree options and class schedules with their families before and after attending the session.

When should I register for LAUNCH: New Student Advising?

Students should schedule a Group Advising session if they have:

  1. Completed the Admissions Application (L-111E)
  2. Submitted all of the following Documents to Admissions (L-111E)
    • Immunization Records (L-111)
    • Proof of High School Graduation
    • SAT/ACT Scores (if applicable)
    • High School Transcripts (if using for placement)
  3. Applied for Financial Aid - or establish an alternate payment method (L-111A)
  4. Set up and logged into their myCommNet account
  5. Taken ACCUPLACER Test (L-103)
  6. Signed up for a LAUNCH: New Student Advising Session

Launch Signup

Students who have not submitted all required documents to Admissions will be delayed in the registration process.

What do I do if I need accommodations for a disability?

If you are a student who has a documented disability and may require any accommodations, please contact:
Marilyn Wehr, Accessibility Services Coordinator/Counselor
Office:  L-115


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