Summer & Winter Students

Summer Sessions

Three summer sessions are designed to serve students in a variety of ways. Summer courses are available for: new students attending Housatonic in the fall, current Housatonic students who wish to accelerate their academic program, students from other colleges, and individuals seeking specific knowledge. Generally, summer session classes meet either four days each week for five weeks, or twice each week for eight weeks. Classes are scheduled both day and evening.

Winter Session

Winter session classes include accelerated course work and are held between the end of the fall semester in December and the January start of the spring semester. Courses are open to continuing Housatonic students, new students, and students from other colleges. Generally, classes are held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Laboratory time for science courses immediately follows the lecture class. Students can earn 3 or 4 credits a course. Waivers of tuition are not honored for winter session courses.

More information is available by calling the Admissions Office, 203-332-5100 or at the HCC website.

Check the course catalog for available classes and watch for announcements.

Submit an Admission’s (blue) Application & Request SAT Waiver If eligible at the Admissions Office (LH-A106), (203) 332-5100. (You can APPLY ONLINE when available or download the application below.)

Acrobat  Fall 2018 Registration Form

Acrobat  Summer 2018 Registration Form


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